Google has unlocked Android Auto

Some time at the beginning of this year, Google removed an Android Auto restriction that prevented third parties from accessing their apps in their private cars, therefore making it impossible to compete with their own navigation solutions. Now that the situation has changed, it is now possible for more apps to be accessed, including navigation software where Google Maps was the front runner.  Likewise, it is now possible to win an Intertops casino bonus by simply accessing the casino site.


Prior to this restriction being lifted, Google Maps, and Waze, which is also part of Google, were really the only options available for Android Auto users who were in need of a navigation app whilst driving.  Now that Google has lifted this block a few other high-profile navigation software developers have now joined the arena and are bringing their own creations and solutions as options and are now able to compete with the Kingpin itself, Google Maps.


So, there are some Google Maps alternatives on Android Auto that offer you a similar application, like the ones from TomTom and Sygic.  These are definitely worth taking a look at and trying them out.    However, with that said, Google Maps is still, by far, the go-to navigation application to use for anyone using Android Auto when they need to get into the car.


Google Maps is definitely the King of navigation apps.

There are things that just set Google Maps aside, making it the very best.  Here, it is not our intention to go into each alternative and to compare and contrast competing products presently on Android Auto.  Google Maps has three particular things that sets it apart from all the rest, making it by far still the best option for those in need of a great navigation app.


The three things that standout and make Google Maps the Kingpin are as follows:



Firstly, it is really important how often the app gets updated and Google Maps are really good in this area.  Google Maps gets improvements on Android Auto every week at least.  Not to mention that if you belong to the beta program, the chances are you get a new version every couple of days. In this way, Google is showing how committed it is to ensuring that Google Maps offers the perfect experience when used on mobile devices and also in your vehicle.  This of course is of critical importance for the company and for people using their solutions.


Also, in terms of updates, Google is presently in the process of making some real improvements for Android Auto, one of which includes a driving mode that could make Google Maps a central focus of the experience in the car.   In this way, Google Maps could possibly take the place of Android Auto for phones.  This would involve a new touch-optimized interface: with a one tap access to everything you would need like calls, music and messages.   This driving mode is presently being tested in a small number of countries on Android, but it will probably take some time before we see it featuring on our iPhones.


Because Google Maps is updated so often, in contrast to its competitors, it is really difficult for a bug to enter the system and remain there without being fixed.  This makes it incredibly reliable for users.    In fact, it is difficult to find a long-term issue that is still causing problems with the app.  Most issues that come up concern a bad cable or some other connected app like Google app which is connected to the Google Assistant.


Freeware License

Another big plus for Google Maps on Android Auto is the freeware license.   Those critical of Google have always argued that complicated apps like Google Maps need to be free for a reason, because users would have to divulge their information and make a big tradeoff in order to use the app without a fee.


Today, we exist in a world where so much information is collected every moment of every day by every developer out there in the market.


In contract to, say Sygic’s navigation solution which you have to pay a fee to use, Google maps is absolutely free. Anyone can use it and you don’t have to pay anything.  That, together with the continuous updates made by Google make it a great option and one difficult to beat.


The Feature Package

The last of the three things that makes Google Maps the best choice for a navigation app on Android auto is that it offers a great feature package.  Google Maps includes all that you would want and need in a great navigation app. It has offline maps, voice guidance, voice commands, alerts, day and night modes, offers different ways of choosing the preferred route to a particular destination and anything else you can think of.


The fact that Google is always working to improve Google Maps means that it is likely that soon the app will be able to deliver a fully personalized experience by showing only the points of interest (POI) that are specific to you. For example, if you are making your way home from work, you will only be able to see the restaurants along your particular route that are still open.  This information will be based on your history of where you have stopped previously.  Therefore, Google Maps will only show the places where you are likely to want to go.


However, there is always room for improvement.  Google Maps should get a feature to support truck mode.  At the current time, truck divers have to use applications like Sygic in order to support make their trucks.


Nevertheless, the combination of frequent updates, great feature package and being free of charge makes Google Maps unbeatable.