How to Choose the Best Online Games in 2021

If you are a novice gambler and do not yet have an established preference, then choosing slots in an online casino can be difficult. There are a lot of machines to evaluate, test, and choose from. And they differ from each other not only in multi-coloured pictures. Some configurations and payout percentages vary greatly as well. If you intend to win more than to lose, then it is worth taking a closer look at several key parameters of slot machines before starting the game.

Parameter #1 – Return Percentage

If you decide to play at the best slot sites 2021, return percentage (RTP) is the very first thing that you need to check. This parameter determines a part of the money it is guaranteed to give back to the players during a long gaming session. Simply put, if you play with this slot for a long time, then it, one way or another, will return you most of the funds that you have invested in the game.

Parameter #2 – Volatility

The level of volatility in slot machines means the degree of risk that is inherent in them. It can range from low levels to extremely high. But the higher the volatility is, the greater the payout can be. This feature reflects the frequency of winning combinations made in the game, as well as the size of payments you can count on. 

  • Low volatility means that winning combinations will come up frequently, but the payout rates will be low. Low volatility slot machines involve low risk, that is, frequent wins. You should not count on big money on such slots. Such games are often recommended for beginners, as well as for those who have no opportunity to take risks. There are plenty of options when it comes to low-volatility slots, and often such games have an excellent design in terms of graphics and functionality.


  • The situation is the opposite when it comes to the high volatility rates – you will win less often, but the winnings will be greater. On slots with an extremely high level of risk, the winnings can be very large. It will cover all bets you may have made, but you still need to be careful with such games. They are intended for more experienced gamblers who already have certain tactics for the game. Also, high volatility is more suitable for those who have a sufficiently large margin of time and bankroll amount. In most cases, you won’t be able to win quickly. 

Average volatility is ideal for those who want quite substantial payments but are not ready to take too much risk. Slots with such a risk are very common at various casinos. There are several ways to find out the level of volatility. First of all, look at the various instructions and press releases for the slot. Many sites write entire ratings about the level of volatility in slot machines, as well as full review descriptions. Not to mention the fact that many casinos already have this indicator in the description of the slot.

Parameter #3 – Gameplay Graphics & Mechanics

The graphics of slot machines can differ in several ways. As a rule, these are bright graphics with tempting animations that the user will love. But, modern slots are now done in different styles. Slots with 3D graphics are very popular; there are also video slot games and progressives. Moreover, the mechanics of the gameplay often depend on the number of reels, as well as related underlying elements. The more difficult the games, the wider the possibilities of the gameplay you can count on. 

Parameter #4 – Functional

Nowadays, many slot machines come with additional functionality. This can be a progressive jackpot, additional levels, bonus rounds, hidden bonuses, extra free spins, and much more. This greatly expands the possibilities of the game and also makes it more interesting for the players. 

Parameter #5 – Bonuses

There are many bonuses in modern slot machines. From free spins (where you don’t need to bet to start the gaming round) to multipliers, which allow you to double your winnings after a successful session. Choose slot machines with a suitable set of functions in order to ensure maximum pleasure from the game process and minimize risks.

The Most Popular Online Slots to Get Your Hands on

Let’s list a few popular slots that online casino players love most of all:

1.1429 Uncharted

The most popular slot machine from the Thunderkick Studio, which has an incredibly high theoretical return rate. On top of that, this slot provides up to 50 free spins to players and has the volatility indicator at an average level. The chances for a big win are not high, but you will most likely succeed in playing for a long time and with great pleasure.


Popular slot from the big company – one of the giants of the gambling industry. The game has existed for several years, but its popularity is not going to subside. There are five reels and as many as 20 betting lines at Starburst, and the theoretical return rate is above 96%.

3.Age of Asgard 

The increasingly popular slot has five reels and 50 bet lines. What is more, there are many additional features that make the game fun and increase your chances of winning.

Do not go crazy selecting a slot machine yourself. Feel free to pick the game from the list above and enjoy your gambling session at max!

Choose a Perfect Match 

Choosing slot machines is not as easy as it might seem. One way or another, today many online casinos offer a great selection of games for their customers. To make the right choice, you still need to understand what to focus on when choosing a slot machine. You can do so without any problems finding not only an interesting option but also an effective/ profitable game. The implementation of the game strategy is an important factor in winning, which leads to good payouts. And the mentioned tips will help you choose a good slot to spend time without losses and frustrations. 

When it comes to choosing a slot, it is best to be focused on the level of risk, graphics, and specifics of the game, as well as on the functionality of the gaming emulator. All this significantly affects the course of the game, its features, and very often makes the game brighter and more interesting.