How to disable CTF loader

What is ctfmon.exe

Ctfmon.exe, also known as CTF downloader, is a standard component of Windows, to which developers have assigned specific responsibilities.

The process exists since the days of Windows XP and is responsible for the so-called ” Alternative User Input.“) and the Office language bar.

In addition, the CTF-loader is accountable for the operation of speech recognition systems, input from the pen or touch keyboard.

Since the primary input method in the computer is the keyboard and mouse, touch, voice and other input methods belong to the class of alternative.

It is for them that ctfmon.exe is responsible. It is also associated with Office components, but it is still displayed on computers even without the Microsoft office suite since it is responsible for some other tasks. For a more detailed guide check out ErrorcodeGuru

The official Windows description states the following:  

Provides pen and handwriting functionality for the touch keyboard and handwriting input panel.

If you use one of the alternative input methods, then you should not touch the CTF loader. This process does not burden the computer in any way and does not consume enough resources to shut it off in order to save the power of the process, memory or disk. Just let him do his job by leaving him alone.

How to disable CTF loader

For example, if you do not use alternative input methods, then you don’t need a CTF loader in principle, but we still don’t advise you to disable it.  As mentioned above, it is extremely unlikely that the ctfmon.exe process will cause any problems.

Again, if you really need to (for example, the process for some strange reasons still began to load your computer heavily). There is an option in the system that allows you to get rid of the CTF loader. To disable ctfmon.exe, follow the procedure described below. 

For reference: all actions with your computer, you perform at your own peril and risk. The authors of articles are not responsible for careless behavior with a computer, its components or the operating system.

For your information: the instruction must be executed on behalf of the Administrator. If your account does not have the appropriate access rights, you will need to enter the Administrator password.

Alternatively, you can try to make the user Administrator in Windows 10.

Keep in mind that disabling the CTF loader will turn off some of the Windows components. You will not be able to open the onscreen keyboard, and you will not be able to use speech recognition systems.

You will not be able to use the pen and other functions associated with touch input.

For example, clicking on the touch keyboard button in the notification area will lead to absolutely nothing. Alternative methods may not be needed in everyday work, but at some point, they may be useful.
So we recommend that you think twice before disabling ctfmon.exe. Not broken – do not fix it. This is a universal rule that applies to computers with their operating system.

If the PC is working fine, and the CTF loader does not cause problems, do not turn it off.

  1. Open Task Manager with any method you prefer.
  2. On the Processes tab, locate the CTF loader. If he is listed there, then the service works.
  3. Click the Services tab and find TabletInputService in the list. The ctfmon.exe process is associated with this service.
  4. Click the service with the right mouse button and select Open Services. The Windows service manager window starts.
  5. In the list, find the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service. Double click on it, after which the service properties window will appear.
  6. Click the Stop button, and then from the Startup type drop-down menu, on the General tab, select Disabled.
  7. Click OK, close all windows and restart the computer.

After the computer is turned on in the Task Manager, the CTF loader process will disappear, and in the Task Manager on the Services tab, the TabletInputService will be displayed with the Stopped mark.