How to Track A Phone Without Them Knowing?

Do you want to know how to track a phone? With the aid of a phone tracker, you will know exactly where your loved one is without them realizing it. Do you know, however, how these apps function? Or the many ways in which they can help you find all the data you are searching for as remotely as possible? If not, this article will tell you exactly how to track a cell phone location without them knowing and how best to implement the methods. 

A cell phone tracker functions by triggering a GPS tracking system, which locates the exact location of the targeted user. A navigation system that links several satellite networks is GPS, also known as the Global Positioning System. In turn, these satellites provide accurate location information about the many devices located around the world. These GPS satellites operate by transmitting signals down to Earth. The GPS will then measure the time when it was directed to the time it was gotten. The result is the gap between the satellite and the targeted phone. This data would then prompt the GPS receiver system to reliably and efficiently determine the exact location of the targeted computer.

Tracking the location of a mobile phone is not something that you only see in films. As a matter of fact, to know where their loved ones are, many people generally use mobile phone tracking apps. Not only that, sometimes employers use telephone monitoring on the computers of their workers.

To track a cell phone without permission is no longer just a matter of ease or luxury. The ability to know the precise location of your family members, with all the violence going on out there, lets you know they are safe and there is no threat to them.

Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

It is difficult for the vast majority of smartphone users to survive without it. Today, particularly with our loved ones, the need to be linked is incredible. Now, by avoiding risk, you can be much more conscious of where they are, and therefore protect them. Everything you need is a handheld locator with a GPS, and you can locate your loved ones. The best method on how to track a phone without them knowing is to use a cell phone tracker mSpy, which is a powerful specialized software tool, to perform these types of actions.

To do this, mSpy, at the forefront of the new technology, relies on a set of advanced features. It is a handheld GPS locator, but it is also an online remote control that helps parents to know who their kids are talking with.

The GPS mobile locator of mSpy is not like the remaining competitors. There are benefits to our approach in that it provides monitoring even when the GPS is off. It uses network positioning to do this. Moreover, it keeps a history of all the places that the person has been to recently.

Getting a location history will give you a clearer overview of can locations your kids often use. This is a plus or addition that is not provided by any other alternative, so you will be much more comfortable. While tracking system operations, you can move smoothly or be in your office. The app runs in background mode; hence the target has no clue.

With an intuitive and welcoming interface, it is easy to use. Not only does it monitor the target’s phone or locate phones without them knowing, but it also enables WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, or SMS messages to be checked. 

Track Someone’s Phone Using Google

Another way to track someone’s phone is through Google. This is a non-professional method just in case you feel the others mentioned above are not really your thing; you can choose to monitor your family member through Google. It is possible that you have used Google Maps at least once in your lifetime if you are an Android phone user. For all Android OS platforms, Google Map is the default feature. 

It might not be able to do it very well if you want to track your loved ones, as some of the apps that are supposed to do as such. However, with the aid of a chat platform (like WhatsApp, for example), you are limited to having your target to share their live location, so you might be able to see their location. But you are restricted to only that, seeing the location of your target through the sharing of the “live location.” You would not be able to see their text messages to their mates, listen to calls, monitor their activity on social media, etc.

Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing

You can track the home address or office of an individual with their cell phone number; however, it is impossible to find out random locations with just phone numbers.

Track Someone’s Phone Location Using IMEI

IMEI is just like an identity certificate for your handset, a special code that is made up of fifteen digits permitted by GSMA. A telephone can instantly give out or recover its IMEI number while using a particular network. You can go to the police station and provide your IMEI for further help or have a professional help out.


To sum it up, without them knowing about a dedicated location tracking solution, you can know more about how to track someone’s phone through this guide. mSpy is a good app to use because it is powerful, stealthy, and trustworthy in a secure way. Now that you know how to monitor the position of a cell phone, all you have to do is try the techniques we mentioned above based on what you need.