How To Fix Hulu Error Code 500 [Quickly]

Hulu is a user-optimized cable TV service that anyone can use as an alternative Live TV source. It requires internet connectivity to function and sometimes the webpage might develop issues loading.

The problem would be highlighted with an error code that might show up on your screen. Here, I would be showing you how to fix the Hulu error code 500. 

A Hulu error code 500 is more liable when you are streaming the Hulu device or website. This is majorly caused by an internal error from the server-side. Consequentially, this means the problem could have originated from Hulu directly. 

Once there is a glitch with the webpage or site and this pops up, then contact the technical team.  They should be able to get your Live TV back up. However, ensure you’re certain that you’ve tried all the possible options at your disposal before they come in. 

How To Fix The Hulu Error Code 500

Once you are receiving the error code 500 on your Hulu Live TV, you can fix them via the following options.

Reload the Webpage

The first step to take is to close the already opened page and open it again. I’d suggest that you try reloading the webpage by clicking on the refresh or reload button. All you require is to simply go to the URL and tap on ‘Refresh’ placed on the address bar at the top of your page. 

A shortcut you can use to perform this option is by pressing Ctrl + R or tap on F5 0n your keyboard. So, if the glitch has already been rectified once you refresh the page it should start working.  Nevertheless, if this doesn’t fix the problem then you can proceed to the next step.

Clear Out Your Browser Cookies

Having too many browser cookies can also cause an error. To fix this, just follow the following steps

For your Google Chrome browser

Open the webpage and go to the Menu bar.
Next, tap on ‘More Tools’ and then ‘Clear Browsing Data’.
At this step, you’ll get an option to clear cookies or your other data. Select the option that suits your preference.

For your Firefox browser

With your webpage already opened, click on the ‘Menu’ and go to ‘Options’.
Then, you should click on the ‘Privacy & Security’ option.
Next, follow through and scroll down and tap on the ‘Cookies and Site Data’ button.

Here, you click on the ‘Clear Data’. You can also select the ‘Manage Data’ option.
As a final step, you are allowed to select the particular cookies you want to delete. I addition, you can click on ‘Remove All’ to get it cleared out.

For your Safari browser

Click on the ‘Menu’ bar on the browser.
Here you should select ‘Preferences’ and then move to ‘Privacy’. This step offers you the option to ‘Block all Cookies’
Next, to view all your stored cookies navigate to ‘Manage Website Data’. In this area, you can select manually before you delete the cookies.

Still, facing the error 500? Well, let’s check the next option.

Clear out your Cache

Clearing out your cache can help you remove errors as well.  To get this done, I’d recommend the following procedure

From your ‘Menu’ bar, navigate to your browser’s ‘Settings’.
Next, clear out the cache. There are options so, select it and remove all the cache on your browser.

The two simple steps are required to get your Hulu working error-free once again. Yet, if this doesn’t still solve the issue then you can follow through with the next option below.

Restart your Device 

Be it a Personal computer, a smart TV or your mobile phone, you can follow this step to get a quick fix

The first course of action should be to restart your device.
Secondly, I would advise you turned off your modem, router, or any internet connection for a few minutes.
Next, turn your router back on and check your internet connectivity. 
Go to your Wi-Fi setting and disconnect your device, then connect it back.

If the connection is poor, I would advise a speed test.  Nonetheless, if the connectivity is good enough then it just needs to be improved or fixed. With this out of the way, let us check out the next available option.

Try updating your Hulu App

Another probable cause of the error code 500 is if your app is outdated, so I would advise and upgrade. To upgrade your app the steps below should guide you

For your Android device

Go to your Google Play store and then click on ‘Menu’.
Navigate till you find the section tagged ‘My apps & games’.
Select ‘Hulu’ and then tap on the update. This should be visible at the side of the app.

For your iOS devices

Navigate to your Apple store.
Next, try finding the ‘Purchased’ option and then go to your settings.
Click on the icon that reads ‘Update’. If you find any update then you download and install it on to your device.

Furthermore, I would suggest that if possible you should uninstall the Hulu app completely. This should give you a clean sheet to install the latest version. 

Reach Out To others

As a final resort, I would love to suggest you tried reaching out to others from the same area as you. The goal of this option is to confirm if they are experiencing similar problems. Well, if it happens to be a general phenomenon, then inform the website’s technical team(source).


The Hulu Error code 500 is a common error that your Live TV is susceptible to. The message might begin to appear on your screen when your internet connectivity goes bad. But, this is not the only possible cause of the error. Your device may simply need an update or reloading amongst many others.

So, before you call in the technical team, see what you can do on your side. With the help of the options in this article, you should have enough to do a quick reset without external help.