What is Netflix Error Code UI-122 | 4 Quick Solutions

Less often than not, however, certain interferences to watch may be encountered. For example, “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in 56 seconds.” is one among the many errors that you as a subscriber may encounter as you watch your favorite TV show.

Here, I am going to take you through the causes of this error, and quick fixes to resolving it and resuming your chill time.

What Is Netflix Error UI-122 On Netflix?

Netflix Error UI-122 can occur when a wide range of gadgets are being used to stream Netflix. These may include but are not limited to, Smart TVs, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.

This is a malfunction caused by a poor network from the gadget you use for streaming videos or from Netflix servers. In most cases, it results from poor communication between your device’s server and that of Google’s DNS settings.

Causes of Error UI-122 on Netflix

Several factors may be linked to this bothersome notice on your device screen. These include but are not limited to:

A poor connection from the router to the streaming device. A poor connection may either be a slow network or general issues with connection. This may limit complete data loading which then interferes with your streaming.

Router errors. A sudden failure or malfunction of your router may inhibit or slow your connection. 

Using a restricted network. When your network is jammed by a lot of people using it at the same time, videos may take longer or fail to load entirely. This is common in shared networks like those found in recreational areas, learning institutions, and offices.

Before you attempt any video streaming in a foreign network, ensure you confirm with the administrator if that process is allowed.

The DNS server you are looking to connect to may be unreachable. This causes loading and streaming issues as Netflix may be unable to reach these settings.

Poor or weak Wi-Fi signal. Undoubtedly, a weak signal may not be able to sustain any connection. For online streaming of videos through Netflix or any other platform, the network is a key factor. This goes without any say.

Missing or incomplete Netflix files. When the exact file you are looking for is absent in the server, or for some reason incomplete, be rest assured you are likely to encounter an error when trying to load it.

Let us now explore some of the ways that the error UI-122 can be fixed. Do note that these are basic recommended troubleshooting tips that you are supposed to attempt before reaching out to the Netflix customer care center.

Troubleshooting Tips For Error UI-122 on Netflix

Below are various tips that can come in handy when your movie is interrupted. They are easy to master and you can do them without any external efforts.

Double Check Your Internet Connection.

Needless to say, all streaming problems, both minor and major, arise from network issues. This is the first area that you should always start with when you experience any given error code.

To do this, ensure all the cables are well fixed. You may want to disconnect the cables before fixing them back again. Also, ensure that there are no many gadgets connected to one particular router at the same time. This prevents overload and ensures the network is not limited.

Restart Your Router and Check Signal Strength

Just like in the first tip, switch off your router, wait for a minute, power it back on, wait for the steady light signal, and retry streaming. This, if done well, should clear the error code.

Connect your gadget directly to your router using the ethernet cable if the error isn’t cleared by rebooting the router. This is to ensure maximum network which may be limited when using a Wi-Fi connection.

Adjust Your Domain Name System Settings

You may opt to align your device’s  DNS setting to that of Google’s. This is in cases where you suspect the problem is originating from the DNS server.

To change these settings, go to Settings on your device, select manual change, and enter the primary DNS server’s coordinates. This is usually

Consider Application Reinstallation

If you futilely attempt all the above, uninstall the  Netflix application from your machine then reinstall it. With reinstallation, comes fresh logging in. I hope you didn’t throw away your credentials.

This should help you regain the smooth streaming of your movies and TV shows.

You may consider clearing Netflix application’s data and cache before deciding to go through with the reinstallation process.

Additional  Tips 

Playstation 3 and 4

Ensure your gadget is unplugged from the main power source.
Wait for about 2 minutes.
Discharge the power by pressing the power button when the PS3 is off.
Return it to the power source and try  Netflix again.
No much help?  Uninstall Netflix from this device by long-pressing the PS button in the middle and choosing ‘Quit’. Find Netflix and delete it. From the Movies/TV section, you can then find Netflix and select Download. Once the installation is over you can resume watching movies as Error UI-122 shall have been cleared.

Smart TV

Disconnect your Tv from your network connection or router.
Return the ethernet cable or reconnect Wi-Fi and try if it works.
 Not working? Power off the TV and wait for 60 seconds. Restart it.
Reconnect it to the internet source and try streaming Netflix.
This should now work

XBOX 360

If restarting fails, try going through the reinstallation process by clicking on games and apps.
Click the delete button on the Netflix saved Game followed by a Yes when asked to confirm this.
After a few seconds, reinstall Netflix and it should work just fine.


Netflix error UI-122 is mainly caused by network mishaps. In this article, we have exhausted various methods of working around this error. I hope you find it useful. Nevertheless, when all attempts fail to work, don’t hesitate to contact Netflix customer care center.