Linux Mint vs Ubuntu [Detailed Comparison]

linux mint vs ubuntuLinux operating system is one of the best and most widely used operating system around the world. It is the operating system of choice when it comes to the educational courses of the operating system in different universities.

It was just a normal day in the university. I was sitting with my colleague. We were discussing the different operations of the operating system. The common knowledge about Linux in everyone’s head is “It is an operating system “.

We were assigned by our professor to explore the different distros of Linux.  Before understanding the major concepts of Linux operating system, one should understand what an operating system is. 

“Operating system is a layer of software that sits on our computer. The operating system is in-charge of receiving different requests and sending these requests to the hardware of the computer”.  

Linux Operating System

linuxThe Linux operating system is similar to other operating systems such as windows and iOS etc. Some of the common features between Linux and other operating systems is a graphical user interface and different software that run on the system.

One of the most important differences between Linux and other operating systems is that the Linux operating system is open-source software.

This feature of Linux makes it unique. The Linux operating system is available to the public for free. A user can use the code of Linux in any way possible and contribute to the Linux community.  Linux also comprises of different distributions.

These distributions of Linux contain different software options. Linux is a very customizable operating system. The customization features of Linux are available even for the core components such as the graphical user interface etc.

Who is the user of Linux?

Linux is one of the most widely used operating system around the world. You might be using Linux without knowing it. As a matter of fact, the Android mobile operating system is also a version of Linux. Linux is a very secure operating system. Therefore, companies use it not only for their office environment but also for their servers as well. 

Linux Mint Vs Ubuntu

UbuntuLinux Mint and Ubuntu are known as two distributions of Linux. These are part of the Linux community. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are the derivatives of the Debian system.

Both of these distributions of Linux are the best choice for beginners who want to learn the Linux Development. Let’s explore these distributions of Linux one by one: 

Linux Mint

  • Linux Mint can be considered as an excellent alternative to the Windows operating system. 
  • Linux Mint demands less power for working on a computer and it runs on all current versions as well as old versions of the hardware. 
  • You need to have a ubiquity installer and UEFI for installing Linux Mint on your computer. 
  • A lot of different Linux desktop environments are present for Linux Mint. 
  • Cinnamon is known as one of the default versions of the desktop environments for Linux Mint. 
  • Linux Mint is compatible for both high end and old hardware. Linux Mint contain a complete software management system.    
  • Linux Mint provides different software options to the users. These software are present under different categories for the users to select the appropriate software according to their requirements.
  • As a beginner, if you are using Linux Mint then it will offer you different source tools. It provides a lot of usability options to the beginners.
  • Sometimes, different users change the PPA repositories during the installation of 3rd party applications in Linux. In Linux Mint, the resetting of PPA repository is very easy. This makes the process of running new applications in Linux very smooth for beginners. Linux Mint offers a separate PPA management option for perfect control of the PPA repositories.
  • Imagine you have just installed the Linux Mint operating system on your computer. Now most probably you would just like to enjoy some music or videos or perhaps you want to work on some office work by using a software similar to Microsoft Office. The unique feature of Linux Mint is that it comes by default with many basic and fundamental applications. These fundamental applications are a necessity for any user who just installed an operating system on his computer. 


  • Ubuntu genome version offers captivating visual effects to its users. 
  • Ubuntu is installed with the help of ubiquity installer and UEFI.
  • Ubuntu support a genome version just like unity. It supports different kinds of desktop environments such as XFCE, and Budgie etc.
  • All the active applications of Ubuntu can be found in the dock panel. A user can select appropriate position of the dock panel according to his requirements. 
  • Ubuntu operating system is one of the best operating system for different modern devices.
  • Ubuntu software management system requires proper resources to load. Different categories are present in Ubuntu for the users to select different software for their systems.
  • Ubuntu contain different media codec in a file known as “Ubuntu restricted extras”. For installing it properly, the users must run the commands in the terminal application. 
  • Ubuntu offers a beautiful graphical user interface. A user can also download different themes for making the graphical user interface beautiful. The “Genome Tweak Tool” is present for making more customizations to the graphical user interface in ubuntu.


linux vs ubuntuLinux Mint and Ubuntu are known as the distributions of Linux. Both distributions can be installed by beginners on their computers. The Linux Mint requires less resources as compared to ubuntu operating system.

The Linux Mint also runs on old as well as new versions of hardware whereas ubuntu requires latest version of hardware.

Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu require Ubiquity installer and UEFI for Installation. Linux mint have Cinnamon as a default version of interface whereas ubuntu have a genome version such as Unity for user interface.

Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu have different categories for software in their “Software Management Systems”. A user can select different software from these categories on his computer. Linux Mint have a proper tab for management of PPA repositories. Ubuntu have general useful management options.