Proxy for Dummies: Everything You Wanted to Know

We don’t usually think much about small aspects of the World Wide Web’s existence. Yet it exists somehow and provides everything we need for work or entertainment. However, apart from open online libraries, a wide range of movies, and fun TikTok videos, there is also a constant threat of security breaches. If you have already faced the problem and now want to buy a proxy, read the article. We gathered the information about proxy that will be helpful for anyone who wants to improve security, speed up the Internet, or just receive access to all websites.

Details on Proxy Server

Let’s start from the very beginning since many Internet users don’t know anything about proxy servers. A proxy server is an intermediary that connects users and websites. It is a third party that stands between your digital device and the Internet. You send the request via the proxy, and you receive the answer through it as well.

There are different features proxy servers offer based on your needs. Some of them can add extra security and limit access to specific websites, others provide you information from closed websites. You can use a proxy server just to stay anonymous or speed up your Internet.

It has simple mechanics inside. The Internet goes to the proxy server where the IP address is changed and then travels to the website you need. Once the connection is arranged, the signal travels back so you can see the requested information.

The major specific of any proxy server is the ability to hide your name, your address, and the data you are searching on the Internet. You may consider it as the filter or firewall between you and any potential danger on the Internet. It grants you the privacy you need if you are using the Internet to share data about your business.

Reasons to Use Proxy

There are numerous reasons for using a proxy server. Based on them, you can decide which server to choose since they have different features. Check out the most popular reasons:

  • You take control over Internet usage. You can decide which websites to hide from your children and how long they can stay online. A proxy server helps to restrict the use of the Internet. The same can be done with employees in big companies. If you don’t want your employees to get distracted by social media, you can use a proxy to ban these portals. Apart from that, companies can spy on their employees, watching the information they are looking at on the Internet. While it is not a great thing to do, you can at least be sure that no one is involved in the corporate espionage;
  • Improves the speed of the Internet. It saves bandwidth and increases the speed. This may be helpful to any businesses who sell products online since their customers don’t have to wait too long to open the page they need. Proxy servers keep the copies of websites you have visited until you require it. Once you ask for the website you have been at, the proxy server quickly opens the already downloaded copy. Yet, once you switch off the proxy, this information will be lost, and you will have to repeat the procedure;
  • Privacy. If you need to access sensitive information you don’t want others to see, you can turn on the proxy server. It will also change your IP address to protect you from being followed. No one will be able to see what you’ve been looking for on the web. Apart from that, the website you are visiting is not aware of who made the request for the information. It allows you to stay completely unnoticed;
  • Security. You may need a proxy server to encrypt the information you are gathering or sending online. Your transactions can’t be tracked. This is how you can stop malware from sending you any ads or watching your activity. To double the security, you can always add a VPN to your proxy and hide from anyone. This is how you will encrypt the data you watch online, your device, and your address;
  • Blocked sources are open. You can open any website via the proxy server. It does not matter whether the website has local restrictions. Some proxy servers offer you to change the country you need. You can choose a specific country to receive access to the websites there. Proxy also changes your virtual location, so if you are caught, your address will be entirely different. This feature might be helpful to anyone who wants to get access to the foreign websites of local governments, libraries, and even movies or TV shows.


You have to make sure that you understand how proxy servers work and agree to use them. Mostly, they are totally safe and you don’t have to worry about anything. However, there are a few potential risks you may face that mainly happen with free proxy servers:

  • Some free of charge servers contain too many ads you have to ignore while using them;
  • Free proxies’ developers don’t pay much attention to the encryption or security of users;
  • You have to check for the local IP addresses. If your proxy provides you with the local IP address, it can be easy to trace. You can’t leave traces there;
  • Make sure that the proxy offers encryption. Some of them don’t have that. Without encryption, you simply enter websites from your IP account. You can easily get caught.

Proxy Servers for Everyone

There are different features that each proxy server provides. Some of them are less secure than others. Many proxy servers offer extra protection for their users. You may choose the proxy you need according to the demands you have. Think about all the possibilities that proxy can provide you. You may double your security with the VPN. Read the article and decide what you need the most. 

If you have more recommendations to share, you can do it in the comments below. What features do you need from the proxy server? Are you willing to pay for it to stay safe?