PS4 Error Code CE-35694-7 [3 Ways To Fix]

An error has occurred (CE-35694-7) is this error code preventing you from installing and running certain games and applications on your PS4 console? It is a rather common issue, which is often triggered by the lack of enough storage space in the device. 

However, the error code may also come up when you have a misconfigured operating system on the console. The fact that you are reading this can only mean that you are yet to solve the problem. Depending on the cause of the problem, you may free up more space in the PS4 hard drive, rebuild the database or just upgrade the hard drive to fix the problem. 

Discussed in this guide are the possible causes of error code CE-35694-7 in PS4 consoles as well as the methods you can use to troubleshoot and fix the issue. 

How to Fix the PS4 Error Code CE-35694-7 

Error code CE 35694-7 is simply a warning that you do not have enough space in the PS4 hard disk for the app you are trying to install. As such, the solution to this problem is rather straightforward; either expand the hard disk memory or free up some space. 

In most cases, users resulted in deleting the games and app files they seem irrelevant in their consoles in an effort to free up some space. To know how much memory you need to free, check the minimum requirements for the game you would like to install, against the free space you currently have. 

If you are getting the CE-35694-7 PS4 error code message, here are some of the methods and steps you can follow to fix it: 

Method 1: Check the Storage Status 

On rare occasions, you may error code CE-35694-7, even when you have enough hard disk space to install and run the app. This may be attributed to a minor system glitch that often happens when you connect an external storage device to the console. 

This may cause the system to be confused about the hard disk space it actually has. This being the case, it is advisable to first carry out a storage status check before resulting to more advanced solutions. System storage status check should be carried out during boot up as explained in the following steps:

Step 1:Connect the Controller and Switch the Console Off 

Before anything else, ensure that your PS4 controller is connected to the console through a USB cable. Once connected, press the PS button to pair the controller to the console. Thereafter, Press and hold the Power button until you hear a short beep, accompanied by LED light flashing on the front panel of the console. 

Release the Power button and allow the console enough time to go off. 

Step 2: Start the Console in Safe Mode 

With the device powered off, press and hold the Power button + Eject button simultaneously until the PS4 display screen comes back on. After you have released the two buttons, the console will automatically start the System Storage Status check procedure. 

Once the device is done checking the system storage status, it will restart automatically. Once the PlayStation 4 console has booted back up, try installing and launching the app to see whether PS4 error code CE-35694-7 has cleared. 

Method 2: Rebuild the Database

If you started getting the error CE-35694-7 message shortly after an update, the problem could be damaged firmware on the console. In such a case, the best solution would be to try and rebuild the PS4 firmware. 

A PS4 database rebuild is a perfect alternative to the factory reset solution described later in this guide. It is advisable to first back up your game saves, preferably on an external storage device or in the Cloud. Once done, you need to boot the console in the Safe Mode. 

These steps will help you rebuild your PS4 database, and possibly clear error code CE-35694-7: 

Step 1: Turn the PlayStation 4 Off 

Ensure that the PS4 controller is connected to the console through a USB cable. If not, connect, and pair it before shutting the console down. Now press and hold the Power button for A few seconds to shut the console down.

Step 2: Boot the Console into the Safe Mode 

Once the console has shut down entirely, press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds to enter the Safe Mode. You should only release the Power button after the second beep. Next, you should press the PS button to pair the controller to the console. 

Step 3: Rebuild the Database 

Now, wait until the device displays the Safe Mode menu. From this menu, select the “Rebuild Database” option. Once done, restart the console and try installing the app once again. This solution has helped a considerable number of players resolve the error code CE-35694-7 problem. 

Method 3: Delete Unnecessary Games, Applications, and Files 

To create more space in the hard disk, you need to delete the files you do not need, including games, pictures, and themes. If you have some games and files that you don’t really need in your PS4 hard disk, you need to delete them so as to free up more space for new ones. 

From the home screen, you should press the “UP” button with the left thumb-stick to access the dashboard. From this dashboard, select the “Settings” option, and then press the X button on your PS4 controller. Now navigate to “System Storage Management” on the settings menu, and press the X button once again. 

This will display a list of the applications, games, and any other content you may have stored in the hard disk, alongside the amount of space each one is occupying. Select Applications and press X to display a list of the games installed in your console. Press the options button, and select any of the listed items you would like to uninstall. 

Follow the same procedure to delete Capture Gallery, and even Themes until you have enough space for the new game. 

Method 4: Initialize the Console 

If none of the above-discussed methods seems to bear fruits, re-initializing your console should be the last option. Initializing a PS4 console is simply resetting the device to its factory settings. You need to note that this procedure will clear everything you have stored in the console, including games, pictures, and themes. 

As such, you may need to back up the files you need on a portable storage device or in the Cloud before starting. Once you are ready, the following steps will help you Initialize the console:

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu 

Press UP using the left thumb-stick in your PS4 controller from the home screen while the console is on. This will open the Dashboard, from where you should select the Settings Option, and press the X button on the controller. 

Step 2: Initialize the Console 

From the settings menu, select the Initialization option, and once again press the X button on the PS4 controller. From there, select the “Initialize PS4” option, and continue to press Full. Remember to press the X button after every selection to confirm the selection. 

Selecting the Full option in the previous step will inter the device into the Initialization process. The process requires a considerable amount of time to complete, usually 40 minutes to a few hours. Allow the device enough time to complete the process before trying to use it again. 

Method 5: Upgrade the PS4 HDD Capacity 

The above-described methods require you to delete one or all of your data from the hard disk, which is not a viable option for some players. If you do not want to delete any of the files stored in the hard disk to create more space, you should consider upgrading to a larger HDD Capacity. 

PS4 consoles often come with a 500GB hard disk, upgrading to a 1TB hard disk will give you more storage space for additional games and applications. If you are getting a new hard disc for your console, you need to ensure that it is rated 7200 RPM or higher for enhanced performance. 

If you want an HDD that will allow the console to load a lot faster, get a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD drives also allow for a faster transfer rate last longer, and have fewer functional defects. However, the later are costlier as compared to conventional HDD drives. 

Possible Causes of PS4 Error CE-35694-7

Error code CE-35694-7 on PS4 devices is a rather straightforward problem. Regardless of the firmware version you have, there are only two possible causes of this problem in PS4 gadgets, including: 

Lack of Sufficient Storage Space 

In most cases, you will get the PS4 error code CE-35694-7 when you try to install and run a program without sufficient storage space in the PS4 hard disk. Certain PS4 games, such as GTA V, PUBG, and the Call of Duty are known to require large installation space. 

Improper Configuration of System Software 

Another thing that is known to trigger error code CE-35694-7 on PS4 consoles is the improper configuration of operating system files. If this happens to be the problem in your case, you may use a File Checker to troubleshoot and fix the problem. 

Final Verdict 

The CE-35694-7 PS4 error code can only mean one thing, you do not have sufficient hard disk space for the game you are trying to install. In fewer cases, it could be just a system glitch making the console to miscalculate the available space. 

To fix the issue, you need to free up more space in the hard disk, run a storage status check, rebuild the database, or just get a larger hard disk. With this guide, resolving the PS4 error CE-35694-7 message should be a walk in the park.