How Studios Have Benefited from Affordable 3D Printing

It seems like we get a new gadget on a daily basis. With each advancement in technology, our work gets easier and easier. This is because modern technology has not only become advanced but also highly accessible. 


Accessibility means a few things. First of all, it is easy to find. Whether you purchase it through an online marketplace or a local retailer, you can find just about any gadget for your office in only a few minutes and have it delivered to you as soon as the following day. Another aspect of accessibility is price. If you were to ask how much a printer that could create 3D objects would cost, a few years ago people likely wouldn’t believe that this kind of technology can be inaccessible to most people. Today, however, some of the best budget 3D printer UK, US, and European offices have been utilized, are very reasonably priced and even a small startup team has the opportunity of owning one.


But this then begs a different question: why own one in the first place? What’s so good about a 3D printer that an office or studio should have one? This is a great question, as some people wrongly believe that 3D printing is nothing more than a fad or gimmick that will surely disappear in a few years. However, this is quite far from the truth, as there are many practical uses for 3D printers and countless offices have made use of their many conveniences.


If you are a new product designer, startup, or just a small business looking to make it big, a 3D printer may play a crucial role in your endeavors for the following reasons. 


  • Easier Product Prototyping 


So let’s imagine that you have just started designing a new product and you really feel like it’s going to take off. This is it: the big one. But you are running out of time and urgently need to have a prototype build of it. So what do you do?


You don’t have a local manufacturer that can create the prototype for you so you have to hire a third-party manufacturer in another city, another state or even all the way across the country. You sent them your blueprints and sit around waiting – no, not just waiting – hoping that they get the instructions right and get you exactly what you want. 


Then you have to wait for the third-party manufacturer to send you back the prototype they created, wait for the shipping, only to get it back and realize that they did not create exactly what you wanted. This is a real pain to deal with and can cost you many valuable wheels which you could have spent developing your product.


But with a 3D printer on standby, this entire process is decimated to a fraction of what it would take if you had to hire a third-party manufacturer. Having an in-office 3D printer gives you the kind of freedom you’re looking for to help you design your product to your exact specifications and instructions.


  • Easier Conceptualization


Not everyone goes to sleep and sees the design of their product in their dreams. Designing and conceptualizing your perfect product takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention cooperating with your teammates. 


One of the most important factors of drawing up a concept of your product is to actually visualize what it will look or even feel like when brought into the physical realm. This will allow you to finetune the results to fit your exact vision to a tee. This is where 3D printers come in. Once you have the ability to print out your product and have a physical feel for it, you will find it much easier to understand what needs to be changed, improved, enhanced, or removed.


This simply is not possible with certain products unless you have the physical product in your hands. Sure concept artists are great at creating a mock visualization of what your product can and will look like, but you can only go so far on paper. 3D printers will make conceptualizing a product easier and faster, which is crucial for a startup or a young company looking to make it big in a busy market.


  • Getting Creative


Being creative these days is all about having the tools for it. How are you ever going to know if you are a talented painter when you don’t have a brush and paints to practice with? The same can be said about getting creative and making your own unique 3D designs.


You may have some very talented people on your team who can have their moment to shine as they make some unique 3D designs. With a 3D printer in the office or studio, you give them the platform they need to practice their craft and discover new ones. 


Give your team the tools they need to practice their creativity and it will only help to improve their work and challenge their minds. Think of the 3D printer as a jungle gym for your team to have fun with but also hone in on their skills and abilities. 


Plenty More to Think About 


Do keep in mind that these are only a few of the benefits that come with in-office 3D printers. There are plenty of other ways that 3D printers can help boost your work and improve your efficiency. And before you know it, with the help of a single 3D printer, you will take your product idea to the next level and find your footing in today’s busy and highly competitive market. 

It’s the little gadgets that make the bigger difference in how well your office functions. This sentiment is most applicable to the 3D printer, which has helped countless studios and companies across the world find their success through the many benefits that it offers. And this is why it is currently one of the most trendy office gadgets you can own.