The Technology Behind Online Bingo

Bingo has come a long way in the last few years, as it has moved from a land-based game to something that you can play online at anytime and anywhere you happen to be. What is the key technology that has been used to transform this simple game into something that is now played by so many people around the world?

Mobile Optimization
While many players enjoy playing bingo on a laptop, there is an increasing trend for mobile playing. This is possible because these games are mobile-optimized using the HTML5 language, meaning that they look just as good and are just as easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet as on a computer. Some sites can be accessed using a mobile app, while others are accessed simply by going to the address on a mobile browser.

In addition, these sites often include a range of other mobile games. If we look at Betfair for an example of the best online bingo collection, we can see that they have a bingo lobby with a selection of rooms offering different types of games. There is also a slots category as well as a part of the site that is dedicated to Slingo games, which are a cross between bingo and slots.

Random Number Generator (RNG)
You probably recognize bingo as a game where you need to wait for numbers to be pulled from a machine and called out by a human bingo caller. Translating this experience wouldn’t be possible without the help of a random number generator (RNG). This piece of software ensures completely fair and totally unpredictable results every time.
This is a crucial aspect of online betting games, so it has to be highly tested to make sure that the outcome is random every time over thousands or millions of games of bingo. Of course, if you play bingo on Linux or on any other platform, you need this same random element to keep the unpredictable nature of the game in place.

Live Chat for the Social Experience

The social aspect of bingo is probably the part of the game that seemed most likely to be missed when the switch to online games was first suggested. After all, the chance to meet friends and enjoy a good time while playing in a local bingo hall was one of the most important reasons that so many people played it in the first place.

Thankfully, the software developers who have created online bingo games have managed to include a live chat function that keeps the social element alive. In this way, a lot of people who play on the internet continue to enjoy the chance to meet old and new friends as they play this game.

Progressive Jackpots

The arrival of electronically linked jackpots allowed bingo halls to offer bigger prizes, as the jackpot was available to all of their players in a variety of different venues, all playing at the same time. This added an extra level of excitement to the games and the chance for more impressive wins too.

Online bingo has taken this a step further by allowing operators to easily set up progressive jackpots for large sums of money. This type of ever-rising jackpot is reset when someone claims it is most typically seen on slots games, but they can also be included in bingo games, with the prize rolling over until it is eventually won.

A Secure Account and Encryption Software

Since you need to set up and fund a secure bingo account to start playing for real money, encryption and other security measures are vital for your safety and to keep your personal details safe. This also means that you have an account where the bingo operator can give you free games and other bonuses for you to accept and use.
Because of the popularity of these online games, it has become a hugely competitive market, with each bingo operator looking to offer better deals to attract more players. The terms and conditions are built into the bonuses, so you only need to start playing and everything else is done automatically for you.

What Can We Expect from Online Bingo Technology in the Future?
It seems likely that online bingo games continue to use the latest technology to enhance the experience further. One example of how this could happen comes with the live streaming technology that is currently used on casino games like roulette and blackjack. It is easy to imagine this approach being used on bingo too, with a human bingo caller appearing on your screen.
Virtual reality and augmented reality are other types of technology that could be used to make online bingo even closer to the land-based game.

For the moment, the convenience of playing online has encouraged many people to play this way now, and it seems certain that the addition of new technology like this would cause even more players to switch over.
The technology used in online bingo makes for an exciting, unpredictable experience that replicates the live game more closely than you might imagine. With more new technology sure to be introduced in the future, this is an industry well worth keeping an eye on.