Best Wireless Routers in 2021 for Every Internet User

The internet has come a long way from its early form of being a segregated network only accessible to a few. Now, it is a tool globally used by 4.66 billion people, that’s almost half the population. The internet had undertaken quite a long journey and has been through several phases of evolution to reach the point it stands at today.

There was a time internet was depicted as a computer hooked up with a bunch of cables processing at speed measured in Kb/s, which was the reality of the internet back in the day. But with advancements made in the technological field, the internet has been transformed into a tool that would change the way we communicate and share information. Blazing-fast speeds with convenient connectivity on the go is the reality of the internet today.

The Modern Age of Internet of Things

The advancement of the internet and the portability that it has achieved is the root cause behind mankind’s significant growth in such a short span of time. Today, we see that every gadget no matter how big or small used in our daily lives has some kind of relation to the internet.

This is the concept of the internet of things IoT, which states that the internet transforms into a tangible object and takes the form of the devices that use it. This statement is not that farfetched as devices like smartphones, smart TVs, home automation systems, smartwatches and almost everything with the word ‘smart’ in it would be deemed useless without the internet. The basis of AI, Quantum Computing, Neural Networks, Blockchain, and many other revolutionary new concepts have their bases on the internet.

Since the internet has been the major driving force behind such drastic changes means that it has become easily accessible for everyone to use. However, this was not the case in the past, but as we discussed earlier, the progress in this field has not only made the internet advanced, it has also made it cheap. The immense saturation in the ISP industry has created a cut-throat competition on who can provide better service at a nominal cost. Thus the prices of high-speed internet are greatly reduced over time. Click here to check these enormous discounts for yourself. These enormous price drops are an effort by service providers to garner new customers while also making sure that people with low wages can also enjoy the benefits of fast internet.

Wi-Fi – The Pinnacle of Wireless Communication


It is to be noted that the internet was a technology that was bound with portability issues once. The internet-powered devices had to be connected through cables for connectivity. This usually hampered the portability of these devices, making users stuck to one place. However, this problem was solved with the invention of Wi-Fi that made the internet wireless in the form of emitted radio signals. The working of the internet essentially remained the same with the major difference being the data packets sent through radio waves wirelessly instead of the electrical signals via Ethernet cables. Wi-Fi is the technology on which most internet devices work, as gadgets like smartphones would be deemed worthless if they had to be connected to a cable all the time because that would kill their ultimate purpose that is to remain connected on the go.

Similarly, all smart devices are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and this concept of ‘smart’ wouldn’t be possible without wireless connectivity of the internet. Wi-Fi works over equipment called a Wi-Fi router that is connected to the internet through a cable. This device then converts these signals and transmits them as radio waves. On the other end, the Wi-Fi compatible devices have receivers embedded in them that catch these signals and provide internet connectivity to the users. The performance of a Wi-Fi network directly correlates to the equipment being used. The better your wireless router is the more signals and better connectivity you are going to achieve. That is why it is important to select the right type of equipment for wireless connectivity because a wrong choice can hamper your overall internet experience.

Best Wireless Routers in 2021

Since Wi-Fi is such a crucial and important technology in today’s world and almost every device is Wi-Fi compatible, it has become everyone’s first priority. In this scenario, it is important to select a good wireless router as well, so that you can enjoy the internet without any interruptions.

TP-Link Archer AX21

TP-Link is one of the most renowned companies that makes networking devices including wireless routers. The Archer AX21 is exactly the reason why TP-Link is considered one of the best in the game. The Archer AX21 is the best budget router because it is not only priced under $100 but also supports the latest Wi-Fi 6, and has dual bands (both 2.4 and 5 GHz) and a top speed of 1.2Gbps.

Asus RT-AX86U

The RT-AX86U is a powerhouse in the department of Wi-Fi 6 with tremendous speed and specialized features for gaming, which makes it a supreme choice for gamers especially. Speeds up to 1 Gbps and superior penetration through walls and floors allows users to have stable connections regardless of their location. It is an all-rounder product that can be used as a regular Wi-Fi router as well as a dedicated router for gaming.

Netgear Nighthawk AX8

This router looks like something out of a sci-fi film. But, it not only looks futuristic but also is a high-performing device with throughput up to a Gig, enhanced security features like a built-in malware detection app, Wi-Fi 6 enabled and Disney’s Circle app to filter out any inappropriate content making it an incredible device for families with kids. Best suited for medium-sized homes with max throughput to a 90-foot radius, it is optimal for users who are looking for a powerful device regardless of the cost.


The internet has become a very crucial tool in today’s world with important chores like work from home and online classes being conducted on the web. Because the internet is mostly used over Wi-Fi in homes, that is why your Wi-Fi connection must be fast and stable. If the problem is with Wi-Fi, even the fastest internet connection won’t be able to provide you with the desired speed and connectivity. Therefore, it is essential to select the right wireless router. Users who are looking for good equipment can start from this list as it has the top wireless routers currently available in the market.