Top Apps to Monitor Your Internet Usage

There are not many platforms that allow you to monitor your internet usage limit properly. You can subscribe to an internet package only to realize you don’t have the right means to monitor your internet usage. 

However, when it comes to the right internet packages, if you are subscribed to one of America’s finest internet service from TDS then you may have an edge. You can connect with TDS Telecom and get all the information you need from the provider’s customer support specialists. Even if you want to figure out the right package for you, they will be available to help you every step of the way and provide you a solution that comes under your budget.

Additionally, some applications and tools assist you in analyzing your internet usage and even set a limit to your daily data consumption, all according to your preferences. Monitoring your internet usage helps you in getting aware of your total internet requirements and prevents you from overspending.

Whether you are a PC user or a user of the Mac operating system, the top internet monitoring apps that we are about to discuss provide an optimum level of results and are incredibly easy to set up.

Net Guard

Net Guard is one of the most admired internet monitoring app used by thousands of users. It is absolutely free of cost and is available to both Android and iOS users. If you are looking for a free tool that lets you analyze your data consumption and setting a traffic limit, then this is it!

It comes with UI capabilities that help you in observing past bandwidth usage, and avoiding monthly bandwidth threshold. Moreover, it enables you to monitor the activities in an on-screen floating window in real-time. You also get a notification system that helps you stay updated.


This application is also quite popular among people who seek to keep analyzing their data usage. It is free and both iOS and Android users can easily download it to keep track of their network activities. This app prioritizes your security level by providing you unlimited features of privacy.

Glasswire allows you to build firewall profiles and also allows users to block certain apps while tracking the progress. You can easily set up your notification alerts for all the information that the app has to provide you regarding your total data usage. 

BitMeter II

Do you want to maintain your own Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to compare data each month? BitMeter II has made things pretty easy for everyone who wants to export their monitored information into an Excel file. It is completely free and helps you in making your experience more convenient with an interactive UI that allows you to see the information in a colored scrolling graph.

You can get real-time analyses that are described through easy to understand metrics. You can also enable additional restrictions for the internet so that you can save yourself from going over budget and get any throttling in your internet speed.


Are you a Mac user? Well, if you think that you have fewer options when it comes to internet monitoring apps then this can be your go-to tool. You can simply install this one app and explore the variety of options available on the status bar present in the app. You can not only check the bandwidth usage but you can also check your downloads, uploads, and all outgoing and incoming traffic.

Furthermore, if your Mac and iPhone devices are connected then you can also monitor the data usage on your smartphones. You can only do this if both the devices are connected to a similar internet connection.

Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

This is also an effective app that allows users to monitor their outgoing and incoming traffic in real-time. The most amazing part about it is that you can work on it with multiple interfaces, even at the same time. It also comes with an interactive UI that is supremely convenient to navigate and can help you understand your results through graph charts.

This Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor also offers you some exclusive features that help you retrieve history reports and pinpoint data spikes so that you can take control over your internet usage. However, for these extra options, you have to spend some cash, but it is still worth it.

To Wrap Up 

You don’t want to get overcharged for the data you save on. Therefore, you must be cautious and take advantage of these apps that can help you in cutting down your internet costs.