Xbox Error Code 0x8027025a [Causes & Solutions]

Are you getting this error message when you try to switch apps or sign in to your Xbox One online gaming account? It is one of the common glitches Xbox One users have reported encountering.

Xbox One is one of the most robust consoles, featuring an elegant, yet simple user interface. The hardware itself is built to withstand years of aggressive use—it can last up to a decade. Even so, the console has been reported to develop minor software glitches that the developers at Microsoft are continually addressing. 

If plagued by the error code 0x8027025a, the console will take too long to load an application, including games. Throughout this guide, you will learn what exactly causes the xbox error, and how you can fix it on your own. 

Xbox One Error Code 0x8027025a Possible Causes

If you are getting the error code 0x8027025a app took too long to start the error message, chances are that the Xbox Live service is not functioning as it should, or is temporarily down. The Xbox One game took too long to start error may be triggered by several things, including:

Wrong Region Settings 

Your location settings on the console are very important, especially when it comes to online gaming on the Xbox One console. If the region setting on the console is not configured correctly, you are more likely to encounter the 0x8027025a error notification while signing into your gaming account. 

If this happens to be the problem, you only need to configure Region settings on your console correctly, as explained later on in this guide. This will be enough to clear the error message. 

Corrupted Game and Cache Files 

Almost all video games, and applications installed on your console constantly store temporary files into the hard disk whenever they are running. Such data hell in subsequent starting and running of the apps/games, allowing them to open a bit faster.  

If for some reason the cached data or temporary game files are corrupted, it may take abnormally long for the game to load. This will, in turn, trigger error code 0x8027025a. In such a case, you would need to clear the cached as well as temporary app data to fix the error code. 

Installation Files in the Internal Drive 

A considerable number of gamers have reported getting this error message after installing a game(s) in the internal drive of the console. Normally, game installation files are not supposed to be stored in the internal drive of the Xbox One console. 

If you happen to have any game installed in this storage location, you need to uninstall it and install it on the external HDD instead. As simple as the remedy sounds, it has been proven to fix the 0x8027025a Xbox error. 

Xbox Live Service Issues 

In other cases, the problem is not the Xbox console or the game files installed in it. If the Xbox Live service is experiencing a temporary downtime, you may also get this error message. The developer is known to upgrade the Xbox servers and features frequently. 

Such upgrades may result in temporary connectivity downtime, which may, in turn, trigger the error 0x8027025a message when you try to sign in to your account. 

How Do You Fix Error Code 0x8027025a?

Is the Xbox dashboard taking too long to start or you just encountered the error code 0x8027025a message? You first need to ensure that the problem is not on the client or server side before trying the more advanced remedies discussed below.

In this regard, you need to carry out the following troubleshooting steps to ascertain whether the servers are the problem: 

Step 1: Power Cycle the Router 

Power your router off and unplug its power cord from the power outlet and allow the router to sit unplugged for a few minutes. As you wait for the capacitors in the router to discharge, check to see whether anything is blocking signals to and from the router and remove it. 

Step 2: Check Xbox Live Server Status 

After about 3 to 5 minutes, plug the router back in and power it on. Allow it enough time to boot up. Now connect to the internet, and open your preferred web browser. Navigate to either Twitter Support or Live Service Status to check the status of Xbox Live Service. 

If Xbox Live servers appear to be working as they should, check whether you have an ongoing download or a “bandwidth-hungry” application running in the background. If none of these appears to be the problem, you can now try the following methods to troubleshoot and fix the problem: 

Method 1: Restart the Game/Application 

It is advisable to start with the simplest of solutions and progress into the more advanced ones as you rule out possible causes along the way. In some cases, the error may be triggered by just a minute problem that will clear up when you restart the malfunctioning application. 

To restart the application, navigate to the Xbox Home screen, and then hover over the malfunctioning app to select it. You should now press the ‘Menu’ button and then select the ‘Quit’ option from the context menu that pops up. 

At this point, you should navigate to your gaming profile, and select the ‘Sign Out’ option. Once you are signed out from the game, you should restart the console. Wait for the device to boot up completely before signing into your Xbox account.

Method 2: Reboot the Console

If you are still getting the error code 0x8027025a message after applying the above-described procedure, rebooting the device may fix the problem. From your Xbox One home screen, select ‘Settings’. 

Now choose the ‘Power and Startup’s Setting’ option from the left pane, and then select the ‘ Turn Off or Restart option. You can access these options from the right side of the screen. Finally, select “Restart’, and then ‘Yes’ to confirm the operation. 

This operation will reboot the console. Restarting clears some of the temporary files that may be corrupted, and may help fix the 0x8027025a Xbox One error. 

Method 3: Hard Reset the Console 

If rebooting does not clear the error message, you should try hard resetting the console. There are two main methods that may be used to hard reset the Xbox One console, including: 

Resetting the Xbox One Console From the Settings Menu 

From the Home screen of your Xbox One console, select Settings to open the settings menu. Now navigate to the ‘System’ option on this menu, and then select ‘ Console info and updates’. 

Lastly, you need to select the ‘Reset Console’ option and then select ‘ Reset and remove everything. Now allow the console enough time to restart and reset back to factory settings. Once done, launch the faulty app to see whether the error had cleared. 

Hard Restarting the Xbox One Manually 

If you would rather reset the console manually, just press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds. Wait for the console to shut down completely before releasing the power button. Let the unit remain off some a few minutes, before pressing the power button again to restart the device. 

Once the console has booted up, log into your Xbox Online account to see whether the 0x8027025a error message has cleared. 

Method 4: Delete Temporary Files for the Problematic App 

From the Xbox One Home screen, navigate to the settings and then open the ‘System’ setting option. Now select ‘Storage’ and then navigate to the ‘Manage Storage’ from the right-hand before selecting ‘View Contents’. 

This operation will display a list of the apps installed in the console. Next, you need to hover above the game or application that is taking too long to start, and press the Menu button. From the context menu that appears, select the ‘Manage Game’ option. 

Now select ‘Saved Data’ from the left pane, and then choose the faulty application/game again. At this point, you need to open the Options menu and choose ‘Reserved Space’ to delete the saved data for the app. Just clear the reserved space, and restart the game to fix the 0x8027025a Xbox One error.

Method 5: Configure Region Settings Correctly

On rare occasions, you may encounter this error message because the region settings on your console are not configured correctly. If you suspect this to be the problem, sign out from your Xbox account and return to the Home screen on your console. 

Next, you need to open the Settings menu, and then select ‘All settings’. Now navigate to System> Language and Location. From the displayed list of locations, you need to update your console region correctly.

Once you are done, select the ‘Reset Now’ option to apply the changes. Restart the console and check to see whether the Xbox One error code 0x8027025a has been resolved. 

Method 6: Reinstall the Game onto an External HDD

As mentioned earlier in this guide, installing a game to the wrong location can also trigger error code 0x8027025a on the Xbox One console. If this happens to be the problem in your case, you need to remove the game and install it on an external HDD to fix the issue. 

Here is how you should go about it:

Step 1: Uninstall the Game 

 Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to enter the main menu. From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Game & Apps’ menu, and then select the ‘Games’ option. Select the game you would like to remove from the list, and then select ‘Uninstall’. 

Step 2: Remove the Associated Accounts 

Once you have uninstalled the game, return the Xbox One home screen, and open the Settings menu. Now navigate to All Settings> Remove accounts. One by one, select all the accounts associated with the game you just uninstalled, and then select ‘Remove’. 

This operation will delete all the accounts associated with the uninstalled game. Once done, restart the console. 

Step 3: Reinstall the Game 

After the console has restarted, select the ‘Add & Manage’ option under the Sign-in tab. Choose ‘Add New’ and proceed to enter your Microsoft account credentials at the sign-in screen. Once you are signed into your account, navigate to the Games option, under the ‘Games &Apps’ menu.

Under the ‘Ready to Install’ section, locate the game you uninstalled in step one. Hover over the game, and select the Install option to install it afresh. While at it, remember to install the game on an external HDD as opposed to the console internal HDD.

Method 8: Play the Game in Offline Mode 

If a game is taking too long to load on your Xbox One console, playing it in Offline mode may speed things up. To do this, open the Settings menu from the Xbox One home screen and then navigate to All Settings > Network > Network Settings. 

Next, select the ‘Go Offline’ option. Now you may re-launch the problematic game, and check whether the problem had been resolved. 

Convenient Workaround for Error 0x8027025a

If you do not have the time to carry out the advanced solutions outlined in this guide, there is a workaround that can help you work around the error screen. From the Xbox One home screen, select Settings, and then choose ‘TV & OneGuide’.

Navigate to the ‘Power Settings’ menu and then select the devices that will be affected by switching the console On or Off. While at it, ensure that turning the Console On/Off does not affect the Satellite or Cable box. 

Now restart the Xbox One console and re-launch the problematic app to see whether the error message is still showing. 

Final Verdict 

Several things may trigger the Xbox One 0x8027025a error notification. For instance, wrong region settings in the console, wrong installation location, or corrupted cache and game files are possible causes. 

In other cases, you may get the error message when the Xbox Live servers are down or undergoing maintenance. This guide will enlighten you on how to tackle each scenario, hence fix the Xbox One error code 0x8027025a.