How To Fix Xbox One Randomly Shuts Off Issue [6 Solutions]

We have all been there, the Xbox shuts down randomly, sometimes in the middle of the game. What happens is that the console shuts down on its own, beeps a couple of times, and then comes back on. When the console goes off, the power brick light will turn orange and change to white when the unit is on. 

If your Xbox One gaming console keeps turning off randomly, you should check whether it is overheating. If so, placing it in a well-ventilated area can solve the problem. This issue may also be triggered by low power at the outlet, wrong settings, or even a faulty power supply. 

Regardless of the cause, this problem can affect your gaming experience significantly. Throughout this guide, you will learn what causes the Xbox One to shut off on its own. The guide also elaborates on the methods and procedures you can use to fix the problem. 

While troubleshooting for the Xbox One randomly shuts down the problem, you first need to check whether the notification lights in the front of the console are working. This light should be white whenever the console is on. When shutting the console down, the light should turn orange.

If the lights do not work as they should, your console power supply is likely faulty. Otherwise, the power supply is working properly, and the random rebooting issue is being caused by something else. In either case, you first need to ensure that everything is properly connected. 

How To Fix the Xbox One Randomly Turns Off Problem 

Depending on the cause, different methods may be used to fix the Xbox One randomly turns off issue, including: 

Method 1:Install the Latest Updates

Though rare, corrupted or outdated software on the Xbox One console can cause it to shut down unexpectedly. Before proceeding with the other solutions mentioned in this guide, check to see whether you have the latest updates. If not, you need to update the software.

To do this you need to press the Xbox button on your controller to display the main menu. Navigate to Settings on this menu, and then select the ‘All Settings’ option. Now select System, and later on select Updates. For the Console section, set the ‘Keep my console up to date’ option. 

For the games & apps section, select the ‘Keep my games & apps up to date’ option from the drop-down menu. This configuration instructs the console to update the console software as well as the games and Apps automatically whenever an update is available. 

How to Update the Xbox One Software Manually 

Alternatively, you could also download and install the relevant updates on your console manually. To do this, connect the console to the internet and press the Xbox button to display the guide. Next, navigate to Settings > All settings from the guide menu. 

Select the ‘System’ option from the ‘All Settings’ guide and then navigate to Updates > Update console. You should then follow the prompts displayed on your display to download and install the Xbox One console software. 

Method 2:Improve Ventilation Around the Console 

Accounting to thousands of users, overheating is the leading cause of the “Xbox One randomly turns off” Issue. If yours goes off unexpectedly, check to see whether it is overheating. The later models of the Xbox One console will actually notify you whenever the motherboard starts to overheat. 

In such a case, you will get a message on the display telling you that the console is not getting proper ventilation. Even if you missed this notification, check whether the console is hot to touch. If so, you need to turn it off right away. Allow the console about an hour to cool down.

Once it has cooled down, move the Xbox One gaming console to a well-ventilated location. While it may be tempting to place the console inside a cabinet, this is not advisable. Instead, you should place it in a rather open spot, with ample space around the air vents. Once done, turn the console back on to check whether the problem has been fixed. 

Method 3:Re-Configure Your Console Settings 

As you may be aware, it is possible to configure the Xbox One to Start and go off at specific times. A considerable number of users have reported this to be the cause of the Xbox One random shut-down issue. Just to be sure, check to see whether this is the problem in your case. 

If the console went off unexpectedly, turn it back on and then press the Xbox button on your controller. From the displayed guide menu, navigate to System > Settings > Power. Now select ‘Turn off or restart’ from the Power Settings menu.

You can now configure the time you would wish your console to be shutting down, without your intervention. Having done that, restart the console to see whether the Xbox One randomly turns off issue has been fixed. 

Method 4:Reset the Power Supply

Regardless of the model, all Xbox One power bricks feature an LED indicator light on their front face. This light is meant to let you know whether the unit is receiving electric current—it should glow white when the console is On and turn solid orange when it is Off. If the light is solid white or orange, the power supply is in good working condition. 

If this light does not glow at all or flickers, the power supply is malfunctioning and needs to be fixed or replaced. One of the simplest ways to fix such an issue is to long reset the power supply on the Xbox One console. Here is how you should go about it:

Step 1: First check the power cord connection and try to turn the console back on to see whether the lights come on.

Step 2: Long resetting the device requires you to unplug the power cord from the back of the console, then press and hold the Power button on the console for at least 10 seconds. 

Step 3: After 10 seconds, release the power button and let the console sit disconnected for another 10 seconds or so. 

Step 4: Plug the power cord back in and press the Power button on your console to turn it back on. 

If the LED light remains off or continues to flicker after this, the power supply on your Xbox One console needs to be replaced. This unit may be replaced under your warranty (the power supply is covered by the same warranty as the console).

Method 5:Clear the Persistent Storage 

Is your Xbox One S console shutting down unexpectedly when you try to load a game? If so, clearing the persistent storage—cached Blu-ray data on the console—can fix the problem. To clear the persistent storage on your Xbox One S console, press the Xbox button to bring up the guide.

Next, navigate to System > Settings > Disc & Blu-ray, and then select the ‘Blu-ray’ option. Choose ‘Persistent storage ’ from the Blu-ray menu, and then select the ‘Clear persistent storage’ option. Once you are done, turn the console off and unplug the power cord. 

Allow it to remain unplugged for about 5 minutes before plugging the power cord back in. Turn the console on and try loading a game to see if the Xbox One randomly turns off problem has been resolved. 

Method 6:Try A Wired Connection

According to Microsoft, some wireless routers have settings that may trigger your Xbox One console to turn off unexpectedly. For instance, the network or power-saving settings on your wireless router may cause the Xbox One to shut down unexpectedly. 

This being the case, you should consider using a wired connection to connect the console instead. Many users have been able to fix the Xbox One randomly turns off issue by just shifting to a wired connection. 

What Causes the Xbox One to Go Off Randomly? 

Overheating is the leading cause of the “Xbox One console randomly shuts off” issue. However, several other things are also known to cause the problem. Here are some of the things that can cause your gaming console to shut down now and then: 

Overheating as a Result of Poor Ventilation 

Under normal working conditions, this gaming console will dissipate a considerable amount of heat. While the unit has all the required mechanisms to get rid of this heat, you also need to place it in a well-ventilated location. The system could also be overheating because an internal fan is damaged.

The build-up of dust on the console’s air vents and other components will also predispose the unit to overheat. If overheating is the problem, you should get a notification on the console that you have improper ventilation. This message will be triggered every time the console starts to overheat. 

This being the case, it is not advisable to place the console in tight spaces, such as a TV cabinet.

Power Outlet, or Cable Issues 

The Xbox console can also shut down if it is not getting enough power. Such an issue is often caused by a problematic outlet socket or power cord. If your console keeps on shutting down every time you try to start it, check whether it is getting the right amount of power. 

In such a case, you need to inspect the power cord for any signs of damage. If the cable appears to be torn or ripped, replace it and check whether the problem has been fixed. You also need to check whether the connections to the outlet socket and the console are loose. 

If you are using adapters and extensions, you should consider plugging the Xbox One console directly into the wall outlet 

Misconfigured Console Settings 

If not configured correctly, the settings on your gaming console may also cause it to restart irregularly. To check whether this is the problem, you first need to turn the console back on. Once it has started, navigate to the Xbox Live home screen, and select the Settings bar. 

Next, select the ‘Power & Startup’ options and check whether the device is configured to shut down at that particular time. Later, you need to open the ‘Turn Off’ option as well and check whether the device has been set to automatically shut down at that time. 

In both cases, you can change when you would like the console to go off or come back on, as explained later in this guide. 

A Faulty Power Supply 

Though proven to be very reliable and durable, the Power Supply Unit on the Xbox One consoles can malfunction from time to time. If this happens, the console may shut itself down without warning. This may be resolved by resetting the Power Supply unit on your console, as elaborated later in this guide. 

Final Verdict 

If your Xbox One console is shutting down unexpectedly, you need to check whether it is getting enough power and whether the unit is overheating. In most cases, placing the console in a well-ventilated place will fix the issue. 

In other cases, though, the problem could be corrupted/outdated software, inappropriate console settings, or the settings on your wireless router. In either case, this guide will help you troubleshoot for and fix the Xbox One randomly turns off problems on your own.