Advantages of Building a PC Gaming Setup

Playing video games has become such a well-developed industry that former hobbyists are now professional career gamers. In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of the world’s population plays video games. Every gamer has their own unique setup; some are more interested in taking professional steps to upgrade their system to see better results. For many PC gamers in particular, having a comfortable setup is an integral part of the gaming experience.

There are several benefits to investing in a quality arrangement for gaming at home. Doing so will facilitate concentration, enhance performance, and support physical health related to the neck, back and spine. Aside from playing traditional PC games, a complete gaming setup will also be headquarters for other entertainment needs, from strategy games to video streaming.

Online poker, for example, is just as competitive and varied as many traditional PC games like CS: GO or League of Legends. Since the early 2000s, more players have opted to play poker online, giving advantages ranging from higher comfort levels to a lack of tells that would usually be part of a live game. In the realm of video streaming from sites like Netflix, a well-thought-out setup makes hosting a movie night easier and more enjoyable. And when you’re catching up on a series alone, it will encourage better posture. In other words, a comfortable gaming setup also makes binging more relaxing.

Aren’t convinced that you’d benefit from a PC gaming setup? Keep reading for a deeper dive into the advantages of building out an at-home gaming center.


Comfort is King

Most PC games require a heightened state of awareness and attention. The more comfortable a gaming setup is, the longer a player can engage without getting body aches, which tend to distract from gameplay. As such, the first item to look out for is a comfortable PC Chair.

Experts advise sacrificing desk quality to invest in a high-tech chair. Chairs are designed specifically for gamers, with adjustable angles, and ergonomic neck and armrests. Some PC chairs offer premium services such as wireless Bluetooth, surround speakers, and even massaging options.



Elevating the Experience

Video games completely immerse the gamer in another world, whether an action-adventure shooter, real-time strategy building, or sports simulations. Naturally, every gamer craves a set-up that optimizes their gaming experience, from their tech hardware to their setup.

This is where gaming desks come into play. Rather than cost and material, gamers should pay attention to height and size. Does it have adequate space for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Keep in mind that the desk and chair should be aligned so the gamer sits at eye level with the monitor, which eliminates tension on the neck.


Speaking of the Neck…

The less thought-out a gaming setup, the more likely a gamer is to experience aches related to the neck, back, and spine. This can lead to tension in the neck and shoulders, as well as difficulty finding a comfortable position at night to sleep. 

Gamers who spend their evenings hunched over trying not to ‘peek’ should prioritize a setup that encourages a better posture. But this doesn’t come down to buying the right equipment; gamers need to be disciplined in order to maintain their spinal health.

The most basic way to sit correctly in a PC gaming setup is to keep the back pressed against the chair’s back, keep both thighs flat on the chair’s seat, and keep the shoulders down (rather than hunching them). Some gamers, online poker pros included, set alarms so they remember to correct their posture.


Entertainment Value

A PC gaming setup is ideal for functionality and physical health—but it’s also a way to customize the gaming experience. LED lights, black-out curtains, and specially-designed food-and-drink holders are just a few of the add-ons that will make a gamer feel truly comfortable and in the zone while gaming. Add another dual monitor and extra chairs and the set-up becomes an ideal space for having friends over. In the end, the greatest fun can always be shared.