Avast SecureLine VPN Vs Nord VPN

When it comes to VPNs, there are only two real contenders that you should consider. However, choosing between these is not that easy given that they are both effective and come with a range of different plus and minus points.

So in order to help you decide which service to use, we have taken an in-depth look at each of them and compared them against one another in regards to different aspects of their service.

So the first, and probably most important thing, that we looked at is the price of the two VPN services. Both have monthly and annual subscription options, although those offered by Nord VPN are a bit clearer to follow. Privacy Spark will give you more info on the various subscriptions that each of these two companies offer and their prices.

Another equally important thing is the speed at which they connect to servers and the speeds that you experience when using their services. Whilst Nord VPN provides faster speeds (66.78 Mbps) when using servers based within the United States of America, it is Avast SecureLine VPN that has faster speeds (59.83 Mbps) when connected to servers from outside of the country.

Privacy is Real Concern

For many individuals who opt to use VPNs to perform activities online, privacy is a real concern. With neither one of the companies storing any of your personal data, you can rest assured that regardless of which one you use, you will be doing so anonymously. However, where Nord VPN beats Avast SecureLine VPN is that because you can pay for their service using Bitcoins, you can even do this anonymously too.

Lots of Different Functions 

Neither Nord VPN nor Avast SecureLine VPN come packed with lots of different functions and features. Although some things are missing, it does also mean that they are both really easy to use. However, Nord VPN does have a split tunneling feature that sets it apart from the Avast SecureLine VPN. With this feature users can send their Internet traffic through a full encrypted tunnel, whilst the other is sent through an unprotected one for fast speeds. 

For downloading and sharing large scale torrent files Nord VPN performs the better of the two. This is thanks to the really high security standards that the company has. Also, because it uses SOCKS5 proxies, users are able to quickly set up a torrent client for faster sharing of files. 

In Conclusion

Both of these two companies provide their users with a good level of customer support. Whereas Nord VPN can be contacted through a live chat on their website, Avast SecureLine VPN offers their users a telephone service to utilize. Asa result, users of both services are able to quickly and easily have any issues that may have fully resolved.