Best Slots Games For Linux

Linux may not be as popular an operating system as you would have your Windows, but it is of great value. It works excellently on the slot machines and can substitute for the Windows OS that you may have installed. 

However, you may be wondering what slot games are available on the Linux operating system. In this review, I would be showing you the best Linux games that you could choose from as well as the best browser and more.

What is the Best Slot Game For Linux?

Once the Linux operating system has been installed into your slot machines, the next option is to get the games that match. There are a few of them, and here are they below:

  • Butterflies II 
  • Online slots in Canadian casino
  • California Gold.
  • Cleopatra’s Pyramid II 
  • Ninja Casino Canada
  • Magic Monkey II
  • Mystic Gems
  • Singing Fan
  • 20,000 Leagues
  • Agent Cash
  • Amanda Panda
  • Amazing 7s
  • Arctic Queen
  • Bangkok Nights
  • Beat The Bank
  • Big Time
  • Bigfoot
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Black Magic
  • Caribbean Gold
  • Cash Caboose
  • Cash Cow
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • City Of Gold
  • Cool Bananas
  • Coral Cash
  • Dog Gone It
  • Dolphin King
  • Down The Drain

These are some of the few games that you can play once you have the Linux operating system, has been installed into your slot machine. There are a lot more that you could choose from, but first, let’s check out what Linux offers you on your slot machine.

What does Linux offer Slot Machines?

There are two essential things that the Linux operating system offers casino users two critical things, and they include:

No Download Casinos:

As a casino owner, you may want to operate a no download zone, which means you want functionality in the browser. Here you can play whatever game you chose without needing to download it first. 

At a no download casino, you may need to connect directly to the casino supplier, and this comes in quickly.

Play using a Linux browser, you have access to an instant play option, but it comes with a disadvantage. The games get cut off when there is a glitch on the internet, and you can no longer connect to the provider.

Yet, the same instant play option still makes the list of its most significant advantage. It takes away the need to download the files directly into your computer’s hard drive. You can also log inconveniently, and all that is requires is that you select a game from the menu. Note, this is easier to install and has a considerably improved speed.

Making use of a Windows emulator:

If you already have a windows game that you would love to play, then you can simply use them on Linux. This is operatable using a windows emulator and then run the program files tagged, “windows.exe.”

You can make use of Wine, which is an open-source program and allows for flexibility in use. With the software, you can play any slot game available on Windows using a Linux operating system. It works by converting the original file to an API immediately after it is introduced.

However, before you download the Wine on your Linux enabled machine, ensure it matches the version you have installed. Then you can also download fonts and other system programs that would work with the device.

What Browser Works Best on Your Linux Slot Machines?

Originally, there are two different browsers that work best on the Linux powered slot machines. The browsers include:

Chrome or Chromium:

The chrome browser is one of the most optimized browsers that work best on a Linux OS slot machine. It is a lot easier to install and navigate through on your slot machines. As a casino player, if you do not want to install games on the machine or you have to use the browser, this gives the best of results.


Safari may not be as effective as the chrome browser, but it comes with a better algorithm with certain slot machines. A slot machine made by producers like the Netent would work best with the Safari browser.

However, aside from these two browsers, there are others that could do a fir job when using a Linux OS. These browsers include:

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Midori
  • Konqueror
  • SeaMonkey

What are the Upsides of Using the Linux on your Slot Machine?

  • Commercialism: This is one of the greatest appeals that the Linux operating system offers casinos using a slot machine. This is one thing that is unavailable when using the Microsoft system on your machine.
  • Functionality:  The Linux is also user-friendly, and it responds to instructions a lot more easily than with Microsoft. The apps load faster, and you can get the most out of the slot games.
  • A great substitute: The windows have a habit of releasing new updates more frequently than others. Most times, these updates become hard to follow through or even use on the system. So, with Linux, you can easily get a substitute that works even better when you don’t like an update.
  • More protected:  Because of the mass of windows users currently, it has become a lot easier to compromise. As a casino owner with a slot machine, it would be harder for someone to tamper with the credibility of your payouts. Note, this doesn’t make the machine hack-proof, just that it is unfamiliar and would take more deliberate efforts to compromise.

In all, the windows may look a lot attractive from the outside, but then functionality is all that matters. Linux is a lot more flexible and promises users a smooth operation.


The slot machines can operate smoothly using a Linux operating system. This means that you have access to a wide variety of slot games as you would have with other types of operating systems. But if you are in search of the best games, in this post, I was able to highlight a few of them.