Beginner’s Guide to Dorm Room Design

Fall semester is about to start for many students, and some will move into completely new cities and places, while some might move out to better and bigger spaces. We’ve compiled a useful and hopefully inspirational list of tips and pointers on how to spice up your next living area like possibly the apartments for rent in amarillo tx

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Moving on, here is our list of design ideas:

1. Browse the Internet

Don’t waste the opportunity of getting inspiration from the web. There are millions if not trillions of ideas and tips online that might just inspire your new room’s look. Want to be efficient? Here are a few sites that we recommend: 

  • Pinterest: This site is teeming with concepts, ideas, and so on – and they’re meant to inspire.
  • RoomStyler: For those who want to step it up to the next level, use this free website to plan your room layout (you can add furniture). 
  • Canva: A great design tool for creating vision boards. You can use their image library, which has a lot of content. 

Using the right tools such as the websites we recommended will fasten the pace of your design process. Students can save time and have fun throughout their design process.

2. Experiment

While visualizing and planning out how you want your dorm room to look, experiment with different themes, concepts, and colors. Since students can do all their blueprinting and planning online, they can have as many trials and errors as they like (and immediately start from scratch). 

On a side note, take it lightly and don’t be too serious. Most people have better ideas when they’re having fun and not straining themselves to have output. 

3. Buy Posters 

Posters are a great way to style up a room. They add an artsy, authentic vibe to a room, and reveal someone’s personality and taste effortless. Students can get posters from a lot of places. They usually sell them at bookshops and record shops. The easiest way to find them is to do thorough research online.

An easy way to get posters that are a specific niche, or tailored to your tastes is to buy them online! The inventory is more diverse online, and evidently, it’s easier to find exactly what you want. The only downside to buying posters is the waiting time for delivery to arrive – which may be a few weeks to a month, depending on the student’s location.

4. Get A House Plant 

A house plant is a great addition to have in a room. It livens and freshens up the place, and some plants have beautiful aesthetics. For students looking to get low-maintenance plants, here are some ideas: 

  • Snake Plant: Die-hard plant and popular with home-owners
  • Clivia: Clivias can thrive in cool temperatures, and need the bare minimum of sunlight.
  • Cacti: A cactus doesn’t need much to live, and you only need to water them here and then.
  • Succulents: They thrive in dry places, preferably next to a window. They seldom need to be watered. 

5. The Perfect Lighting 

Investing in good and affordable lights can change the look of a room completely. From funky LED lights, a lava lamp, some Christmas lights, or something even more refined – lighting is key!

Students can do some research to figure out what they like. Lighting can be bought online, but can also be found in your local tech/hardware store.

6. Accent Pillows and Rugs 

Students can opt to buy affordable but stylish accent pillows and rugs if they want to upgrade their room’s look. Try to complement the color of the rug and the pillows and you’ll achieve eye candy easily. Students should remember not to overdo it, and buy too many. Purchasing two pieces of quality beats buying 10 mediocre pieces. 

For students on a budget, look up your local thrift stores and you might just find hidden gems.

7. Vision Board

Having a vision board right above your study desk is a great idea for most students. It can help motivate you, especially during exam periods. If you’re ambitious and have some long-term goals that you want to achieve, this will even be more helpful.

A vision board can also be used to set up reminders for upcoming test dates, and so on. It’s a small touch and detail, but it can work wonders. 

8. Less is More 

Students don’t have to be minimalists but an effective way to style (almost anything) is to live by the rule “Less is more”. Cluttering a space with unnecessary items and trinkets, makes a space feel claustrophobic and untidy. As stated before, a few design pieces that are of good to high quality, do more wonders to a room than a lot of mediocre ones. 

Figure out what you feel is essential to have in your dorm room and go from there. Alternatively, students can just decorate their room parallel to what they feel passionate about, and that can be anything. The key thing in this type of styling is that when they look at the pieces in their rooms, they’ll immediately have positive feelings.


It’s important for students to feel at home where they’ll be sleeping, studying, and spending a lot of their time. It’s not far-fetched to say that a room can have an impact on mental health and well-being, and on a less serious note, it’s fun to style up a room. We hope you can use the tips we’ve shared with you to make your room feel more like home. 

You don’t need a big budget to achieve a beautiful result, take time to look into things, be resourceful and let creativity be the guide.