10 Cheapest Travel Destinations for Business Students

Traveling is a perfect way to get new experiences, discover new places, and get rid of stress. Students often worry about the limited budget and suppose that they cannot visit different countries. Of course, traveling is not a cheap thing, but some travel destinations are affordable even for students.

Now, when you know that everything is possible, think about how to find free time for your next vacation. You should choose whether you will buy essay papers assistance or ask your friends to help you finish all the assignments successfully. If all tasks are finished, it’s high time to choose the place you are going to visit.

Tips for Students Traveling

Before starting to choose the best place to visit, look through smart tips to know how to travel cheaply and safely. If you want to benefit from traveling, this list will help you:

  • ISIC student is useful to get different discounts around the world;
  • Join student travel programs to travel cheap;
  • Make friends with locals before visiting a new country;
  • Try exchange programs and travel as a volunteer;
  • Choose trains or busses to save your money;
  • Search for discounts before visiting pubs, cafes, or museums;
  • Ask for advice from travel experts.

One more important issue is to remember about safety. That’s why visit a doctor before your travel. Also, research all the information about the new country to know about special circumstances. Finally, do not forget about health insurance policies to be ready for a case of emergency. 

Top 10 Cheap Travel Destinations for Students

After you know some useful tips for smart traveling, it’s time to choose your next destination. Look through our list of the best cheap places for students to visit. We hope that your next trip will be a source of pure inspiration.  


Albania is a country of variety. It is a place where almost everyone can find the perfect place for having a rest. The prices are also moderate, so this destination is affordable for students with limited budgets.


Albania is surrounded by wonderful caves and mountains. There are a lot of villages with breathtaking views and cozy locations. Also, you can spend time on the beautiful sandy beaches. 


Madrid is the country of Spain with lots of opportunities for students who like to spend time in crowded places. This place is the perfect choice for students obsessed with studying and need to get rid of stress. 

A variety of pubs, clubs and bars are available for having parties all the vacation. If you are a lover of good music and dance—visit Madrid at least once in your life.


Croatia meets many preferences, as it has two parts: coastal and archipelago. This place is good for students who like active rest. Coastal routes and beaches can offer many activities, such as fishing, cycling, and partying at the beach. 


Law price, marvelous places, sunny beaches, and plenty of activities—what else do you need for the perfect vacation?


London is not the cheapest destination on our list, but it is worth visiting at least once. This place is for those who love to walk the streets and enjoy the old city’s architecture. Also, you will feel a unique atmosphere that can inspire you and bring new emotions.


It has a lot of historic places and many tourist attractions. But at the same time, London is good for those students who like to party. Various shows and entertainment activities can be a perfect distraction from stress. 


Bolivia was not the most popular travel destination for quite a long time. But now, the interest in this country is growing because of its unique culture and beautiful locations. Moreover, it is still affordable for college students. So, if you need a cozy and picturesque place to rest, Bolivia will meet your requirements. 

Panama City, Florida

Florida is rich in students’ destinations, and Panama City is one of the best places to visit. The best season for visiting is fall (between September and October). At this time, you will not see any crowds in the streets. Also, the prices are quite affordable during this period. Finally, the weather is really charming in fall. So, you will enjoy warm and sunny days. 

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the destination able to make you forget about the urban student lifestyle and all stress in your life. This location fits the best for enjoying the beautiful nature views, thinking about something eternal, and resting with your soul. 


It is perfect for the students, as there are a lot of cheap hotels available. The only disadvantage is in the crowds of people in the summer. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the places that are perfect for parties any time around the year. This US city is unique for delicious food, diversified culture, and fascinating history. Busy nightlife is one more benefit for those who love to party.

Although the hotels are quite expensive here, students can find an affordable alternative. We recommend booking a hostel before visiting this city. 


It is better to visit Thailand in winter. Firstly, this period is not so popular for tourists. Secondly, you will have a chance to enjoy warmth and sunshine during the cold period in other parts of the world. 


Also, Thailand provides various opportunities for active rest. For example, you can try rafting, kayaking, and other activities. But if you are not fond of it, you can rest on the sandy beach surrounded by calm and beauty.


Vietnam is one more Asian destination that is worth visiting. If you are fond of wildlife and beautiful views of nature, this country is the perfect choice for you. One more benefit of Vietnam is low prices. You will definitely find affordable hostels to stay in. Finally, this country also provides numerous student-friendly options. 

Final Words 

We hope that our list was useful and you found the place you will visit during your next vacation. Do not forget about smart traveling tips for students and remember about safety during your trip. 

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