10 Best Fitness And Health Apps For IOS And Android Devices

There are people who love fitness and then there are the passionate workout-lovers. They would not miss their time at the gym or the workout for the world. They would be eating while measuring the calories and carbs in every spoon of food they eat. Hence, today, technology has come forward to help these passionate health-conscious folks. We understand that you may rather spend time relaxing or playing at Netbet casino instead of burning the fat. Still with techie apps you will be able to have better time management. 

There are several apps these days, to help people who are keen to stay fit and healthy in 2021. These apps help you in calculating calories and help in maintaining your diet chart. They also can help in keeping the pressure under control. Let us check 10 best apps available in IOS and Android.


This is a free app for your phone and it is not like the smartwatch that works and observes your steps 24/7. But the fact is the app calculates the steps you take and distance you walk in the time too. This and the graph for the week with the sum-total of steps per week will help you. The app is handy and does not take up too much of time too. 

2.PEAR Personal Fitness Coach 

This app is available for free for the Android and IOS devices. There are workout videos for all hands-free audio coaching. It is great for running, walking, cycling and more. If you want to keep track of the progress you are making, you will need to use this app. The app is available for you to customize and modify the workout by checking the average of your heart-rate. You will be able to pick the coach of your choice and do his or her workout and see how it goes. 


The fitness app is ideal for those who are new to beginners’ level of fitness. The app is great for you to access ideal trainers and workout wherever you go. There is a way to opt for the training plans and diet plans too. Setting a goal will help you achieve the same faster. So, even if you have a five or seven minute-workout plan, make it work. The app is going to guide you systematically. 

4.All/Out Studio 

This is available on Android and IOS phones as well. The app is one of the finest apps where you can go through a variety of workout including Yoga. You will be able to train with the industry experts and be able to stay fit and healthy. You may even opt for workouts on demand and across strength-training, kettlebell, and more. There are extra workout guides and more assistance to help you achieve higher. 

5.Workout Trainer 

This free to use app is available on both Android and IOS phones. You will be able to workout listening to audio or by watching video tutorials. The trainer app will help you adjust the difficulty levels and get the right workout as per your body requirements. Most of the times, people do not lose weight or achieve more from their fitness. 

The reason could be because they have not been able to challenge their strength more. Unless the body receives something more challenging they will not be able to get better. The app will guide you through 100-week programs and special programs for professional weight lifters and others. There are PRO workouts too for a subscription fee. There is a way to achieve the Heart Rate Feedback. 


This app is free for the Android and IOS devices. There are on-demand workouts and meal planning. The personalized program can help you track the diet and the calories you burn. There are tips on ways to lose that stubborn fat or even the reminders for you to have that protein shake at work. The app is highly effective as it can help you lose as much of body fat. There are audio and video training sessions and diet shopping plans too. The Pro version is the paid version which offers you more customized meal plans and others. 

7.Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic 

You get the freedom to workout anywhere. Get customized plans for your fitness. You may want to achieve the best running goals you set for yourself with this app. There are more than 180+ exercises and there is a leaderboard for you to challenge your fitness. The best way to workout would be to motivate yourself and have training plans for yourself. Get a weekly goal, and plan, for you to workout anywhere. 


This app takes your fitness on the mode you like and on any equipment of your choice. Whether you are for outdoors or indoors or for running and cycling, you can get the guides and classes to suit that. There are 30 minute videos and more. Track your workout and compare the other workout programs. Get motivation from the best instructors from around the world. 

9.Fitbit Coach

Fitbit is all for serious fitness lovers. There are personalized video workouts where you will be able to do the exercise and get feedback too. This will motivate you to work harder and set higher benchmarks. There are audio and video support to help you focus on the exercise and relax. If you do not know the best way to do crunches or seek some guidance on working out for the core muscles, here are some ideas. 

10.Asana Rebel 

This app offers the best of Yoga and fitness. So if you seek to get in shape and have control of your life, this app is just right for you. Yoga is more for altering the lifestyle of the person who is doing it and so you will find more videos for a holistic living. 

Final Verdict

If you need a reason to exercise, the apps are going to do just that for you. You will be able to use it anywhere and at any time.