Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110-3127 [Easy Solution]

Error Code 2110-3127 on the Nintendo Switch is an unfortunate error that has many users stumped. If you’re one of these users, we have some methods that may work for you. We think that method 2 (manually enter the DNS) seems to be the most effective since it’s an issue with the DNS settings. If it doesn’t, there are 4 other methods to try. 

Error code 2110-3127 is an error you may encounter if the Switch is having an issue connecting to a wired or wireless network. When the Switch tries to connect to the internet, there are a lot of checks that need to be performed. These checks include DNS, connectivity, and more. If one or more of these tasks can’t be performed, the Switch won’t connect and you will get the error code 2110-3127. 

What Causes the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110-2137?

The reason you may end up with the error code along with a message that reads “Connection test failed. Could not perform DNS name resolution. Please try again later” is due to an issue with the DNS. It may not be working or the encryption type within the specified wireless network may not be working. 

Here are a few reasons why this error code may be popping up: 

1.Incorrect DNS Setting

DNS is essentially the heart of your internet access. It is meant to resolve the name of various websites for the console to gain access to it. If this doesn’t work, you won’t be able to get a connection to the web. 

2.Invalid Security Protocol

Several users have reported that their ISP was incorrect. If the WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK are not set on the network, but on your device, you will get the error. 

3.Improper Switch Configurations

Since the Switch keeps tabs on all configurations made through network access, if any are outdated or bad, you may get the error message. 

Methods for Fixing Error Code 2110-2137

Before you try any of these methods, the first thing to check off the list is your internet connection. Are you connected? Check the connectivity from another device. If you can access the internet as you normally would, this means you can rule out limited connectivity. Additionally, if you are using wifi from a public place, such as a hotel, they usually put up a firewall that denies access to certain requests.  If you still need to fix the error code, follow the methods below. 

Method 1: Reset the Switch

The first method to try is resetting your Switch. This will refresh the operating system and remove any temporary data that may be corrupt and causing the problem. Here’s how to do it: 

Unplug the HDMI cord and power cable from the Switch Dock
Hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds 
Wait about 30-40 seconds before trying to turn on your device

If you still receive the error code, continue to the next method.

Method 2: Manually Enter the DNS

As mentioned, the DNS is what you need to access online information. The DNS uses a list of names that people can easily read, which is then translated into numbers that computers can easily read. Your DNS may not work correctly and can cause the Switch error code. Here’s how you can manually add the DNS: 

  • Locate the network that you are trying to use to connect 
    Select DNS settings
    Enter the following DNS detailsDNS Settings: Manual, Primary DNS Server:
    DNS Setting: Secondary:
    Save the changes you have made and exitCheck to see if the Switch error code 2110-3127 is resolved. If not, try the next method. 

    Method 3: Alter the Security Settings

    This method seems to work for many users. It somehow tells the Switch that there is a big within its system and it resolves itself once the configurations are reset. This is how to do it:

    Click security in the network settings
    Select WPA-PSK rather than WPA2-PSK
    Choose a password
    Save the settings
    Go back into settings 
    Switch back to WPA2-PSK
    Enter the password
    Save changes and exit

    Try to connect to the network again to see if the issue is solved. If not, move on to method 4. 

    Method 4: Try Using the Guest Wifi

    If none of the above solutions have helped you thus far, try switching to the guest WiFi through your internet. This could solve the problem.

  • You will have to follow the instructions for your specific router to gain access to the guest WiFi. Generally, you would have to enter the URL for your router, enter your username and password, click the guest WiFi settings, and change as needed. After you change the settings based on your specific router, go back to the Switch and delete any saved information that is connected to the network. Restart your Switch and connect it to the newly added guest WiFi and see if the issue is resolved. 

    Method 5: Network Troubleshooting

    If you are still seeing error code 2110-3127, then you need to troubleshoot your network further. You most likely have an issue within the network you are trying to connect to. You should first try to connect another device to the same network the Switch is on and verify that it is working correctly. If it’s not, then it’s time to troubleshoot. You could also try to connect your Switch to another router or network. If the issue is resolved, this means there is an issue with your network. It could be an ISP or Firewall issue. If nothing seems to work, update your router’s firmware or reset it to its factory defaults. 

    Our Thoughts

    It seems that there are some solid methods for fixing the error code 2110-3127 on the Nintendo Switch. Network troubleshooting can be a pain in the neck since there are so many different routers and modems. You would need to troubleshoot based on your specific model or ISP. Hopefully, you don’t need to go that far.