Which Are The Best Games For Gaming Fans?

The world of competitive video gaming, aka Esports, has taken over the global sporting scene in a way that nobody could have truly expected. Its rise in popularity and global reach is so apparent that most internet-based wagering companies, who usually focus on betting options for more mainstream action, like college football odds, NBA action or football matchups have taken to Esports tournaments and leagues as one of their new most sought after activities.

This has resulted in more and more video gaming fans turning to bet on video gaming tournaments and leagues to make some extra money off one of their favorite hobbies.

Now, while one would think that in order to truly succeed when wagering one professional video gaming competition one has to be an expert gamer, who knows the ins and outs of every game, that’s not necessarily true. While having a better understanding and knowledge of the games you’re betting on is a plus, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to win, you just have to know the basics of which games to place your money on and how.

For this, we bring you our picks for the best games all video gaming enthusiasts can make money from when wagering on them.


Are you a video gaming fan? If you are then you’ve probably not only heard of Counterstrike but have also played it and love it. CS: Global Offensive has become one of the most popular first-person shooter games in all of video gaming history and with due recognition and credit. The game in itself is pretty simple, but what makes it so awesome is the competitive edge that it brings when playing in teams.

The objective of the game is for one team to plant a bomb before the timer stops while the second team tries to stop them from planting said explosive by defusing it. Whoever succeeds in their mission first wins. If completing missions is not in your plans and you decide that violence is the way to go, killing all opposing team members will also score a victory in the game.

Given its intensity and action-packed matchups, this game has become one of the favorite titles for Esports fans and bettors alike for different leagues and official tournaments. Some of the most common ways to bet on CS:GO and win is to bet on the over/under of kills each team will get in every round, as well as betting on the total number of rounds each game will last, with options for over and under amounts of rounds all offered.

Last but not least you can even bet on a draw happening in the game, which basically means that both teams end up tying without a clear winner being declared.

League of Legends

League of Legends if by far and near one of the most popular titles in the whole Esports industry. With a massive following worldwide and revenue streams from this title coming in the millions it’s no wonder why LOL as it’s commonly known is one of the best games to bet on.

League of Legends itself can easily be considered a perfect gaming option for Esports and betting purposes with five on five matchups where the winning team has to destroy their opponents’ structure in their base as the main objective here. LOL’s style of play when put in the professional status is that of a multi-team league system where whichever team comes up with the most amount of victories at the end of it all takes the gold.

With LOL, the best options to bet and make money of it can go from betting on the outright match winners as well as complete league winners as well as betting on the results of specific games and missions within the matchups. Most online betting companies that offer the option to bet on Esports usually have a big section of their offerings devoted to betting on LOL, given its popularity and status.


If you were thinking we were going to do a list of the most popular video games to bet on and we were not going to not only not add a sports-related video game, but apart from that not add the most popular sports-related video game in the world, well then we have another thing coming your way.

Soccer-themed video game FIFA, which is also the most popular sports-themed video game in the world is one of the easiest and most favorite options for betting fanatics to get some action going while wagering on video games.

Betting on FIFA action works almost just like regular soccer wagering action. You can bet on the outcome of a match, how many goals will be scored, halftime results, the over and under of goals and other options.

One of the only differences here is that instead of keeping track of all the information regarding the team, especially something like a win and loss record, here betting pundits need to keep up with whoever they’re choosing to bet on as their player. This game carries such a big reputation that even the actual FIFA organization hosts a FIFA eWorld Cup tournament where all of the world’s best FIFA-based gamers link up to decide who the world champion is.