The best video games to play on Linux as of 2022

If you’re a PC gamer, you might have wondered whether Linux was the right pick for you. For hardcore gamers, the answer to that question is often a no-no. Many of the latest and hottest games never land a proper Linux version, while others take months to be ported. Still, Linux gaming has massively improved over the years.

Things started changing for the better with the launch of Steam’s Proton project, allowing Linux gamers to enjoy countless Windows-only games. Meanwhile, Linux-compatible entries keep hitting the market consistently. So, we’ve listed some of the games you may enjoy on your Linux desktop.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is no surprise addition to a list of the best Linux games out there. Developed by Valve, this sequel to a Warcraft mod put the MOBA genre on the map. And this ten-year-old game doesn’t show its age. Released in 2013, this Linux-compatible multiplayer entry has been one of the most-played games on Steam ever since. Gamers and Dota 2 reviewers alike praised its depth and sheer production quality, besides its generous free-to-play business model.

Newcomers may struggle to navigate its intricacies, though, not to mention the fierce competition of more than a few esports players. Still, new players looking past Dota 2’s intimidating reputation are in for a rewarding ride. Last but not least, weekly patches and regular updates keep the game fresh and exciting no matter how many hours you’ve already put into it.


A Short Hike

Next up is an indie gem released on Linux in 2019. Unlike a game like Dota 2, A Short Hike does not take a lifetime to master. Instead, this relaxing entry takes you on a dreamy adventure across a cheery open-world island setting. As an anthropomorphic bird, you are free to wander around a beautiful national park dotted with autumnal colors. Your sole goal is to climb to the summit of the park’s mountain to find mobile reception.

Once you’ve reached the peak, you may then explore your surroundings to your heart’s content, kicking off conversations with fellow animals or picking up side missions. With its tranquil pace, low stakes, and overall laid-back atmosphere, A Short Hike offers a pleasant break from more challenging titles.


Early access games are often polarizing. In 2021, Valheim proved a rare exception by achieving both commercial and critical success. This survival horror game takes place in a Norse-inspired open world, as fallen Vikings need to prove themselves worthy of gaining entrance to Valhalla.

To reach the afterlife, however, they must defeat the evils plaguing their world and survive no matter what, crafting items and slaying any enemy they may come across. While exploration aspects and story modes still need polishing, the game’s gorgeous visuals and co-op focus alone make up for an endearing experience.

The Norse theme also appealed to many gamers, in the wake of such successful titles as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Song of Iron. Even machine slots jumped on the Viking bandwagon. Websites boasting freeslots online offer several Viking-themed games in their hefty catalog. From Book of Vikings to Norse Queen, players may find out their favorite slot without depositing any money. Most games require no tedious download, whether on mobile or desktop. And the majority of casino slots are now playable on Linux.


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

If you like real-time strategy games à la Age of Empires, you may already be familiar with Sid Meier’s franchise. The sixth entry in the series was developed by Firaxis Games in 2016. While available originally on Windows and macOS, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI was ported to Linux a few months later. In similar gameplay to all previous entries, this turn-based game embarks players on a journey across time as they build their civilization from the ground up.

From erecting monumental wonders to striving for military expansion, players can explore four different paths to victory. Each civilization, thus, boasts specific bonuses, buildings, and units. Players can pick up warmongering figures like Alexander of Macedonia, bright intellectuals like Seondeok of Korea, religious commanders like Saladin of Arabia, or cultural patrons like Pedro II of Brazil. Subsequent expansions added exclusive civilizations and a diplomatic victory path besides a range of exciting features, from golden age mechanics to climactic disasters and heroes.