Top 10 Apps To Run Your Business Efficiently

Be it a small business or a large enterprise; both have common goals. That is to make a profit and reduce overhead costs. That can happen if you manage your daily tasks efficiently and make your operations run smoother. Not to mention that you may need trusty business plans, like those from Teneric to help you out as well.

Most businesses are trying to cut corners in the quality of the product/service, layoff the workforce, and reduce unnecessary costs. Instead, a better option is to integrate technology into your business processes and increase productivity while improving efficiency. 

There are fantastic business applications that can help you run your business successfully. Those apps will allow you to manage tasks quickly, regardless of location and time. Now, you can be on top of your work and achieve your target. The following are ten vital apps to run your business efficiently:

Mileage Tracker App: Hurdlr

Despite some businesses scrambling for survival during the Covid-19 Pandemic, delivery businesses made the most out of the situation. Restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores sent deliveries to the doorstep to comply with SOPs.  Having a mileage tracker app can come in handy in these times as it counts the miles covered every time you are on the road. For example, Hurdlr is a top-rated app, which easily connects to Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Uber, and other work accounts. 

You no more need to keep a manual of the mileage covered, which saves time. Also, under tax filing, you can claim a 58-cent deduction per business mile driven. Employees often use this same rate on their expense reports to get reimbursed for business trips. 

Calling/Conferencing App: Skype

Skype has reigned the video conferencing market for a very long time. Although competitors have tried every recipe in the book to overthrow the app, Skype has always remained steadfast. You can gauge its popularity and effectiveness by its millions of subscribers and over 10 million reviews.

The main features of Skype include audio and video calls, sharing files, and texting. Additionally, 25 people can participate in a conference call simultaneously. You can easily send voice and text messages to your work colleague. Also, the sharing of documents, files, videos, and photos is relatively easy. 

Messaging App: Slack

The contemporary business world is fast-paced. To be efficient, you need to be agile in every department. Messaging apps are crucial in getting your message across. To facilitate communication needs, companies can go for Slack. It allows you to have private or group conversations. You can also drag, drop, and share different file formats. 

Slack’s most attractive feature is that there is no restriction on how many contacts you add or how large a group you make. Also, your group chats are private and secured. In case your calling app is not working, you can take advantage of the call feature on Slack.

Mobile Payment App: PayPal Here

Don’t most of us like having our hard work paid instantly? Similar is the case with businesses. Be it a start-up or a multi-national company, everyone likes having their payment processed quickly. A large number of companies trust PayPal Here as Point-of-sale and payment option. 

PayPal Here can process invoices, credit cards, and cheques on your phone. It is one of the easiest methods of accepting payments on your phone and charges only $2.7 per card. It would help if you remembered that PayPal Here works through your PayPal account and not your bank account. Make sure you have it to process payments smoothly.

Accounting App: QuickBooks

Numbers can be daunting for some individuals. Maybe that is why many find finance and accounting to be dry subjects. Yet, accounting is crucial and indicates the overall financial health of the company. QuickBooks application can work wonders for growing businesses. 

The app tracks profit and loss, sales and expenses, and financial statements of your company. Via this app, you can easily connect to a bank account, PayPal, Square, and credit cards. QuickBooks can track expenses and upload receipts from your phone, making tax filing easy.

Networking App: LinkedIn

It is a famous saying in the business world, “Your network is your net worth.” You are continually meeting with people and companies regarding your business matters. Hence, you should know more about the people you do business with.

LinkedIn is one way to do so. Via this platform, you can follow your colleagues, send updates on the go, share inspiring stories, recommend your work peers, and hire potential candidates. 

Inventory App: Shopventory

Shopventory is an inventory management app that enables businesses to run efficiently. This powerful app not only checks your profit margin and observes sales trends but alerts you if it suspects a theft is taking place!  

The app notifies business owners of the product that is not selling well and skip a restock. That helps you reduce your inventory cost. If you are a small but growing business, Shopventory is the app for you. The app is free to use, but paid plans starting at $29 per month have premium features for you.

Time Management App: RescueTime

Being a business owner, do you find it challenging to keep track of time? If yes, then time-tracking apps can come in handy for you. By downloading RescueTime on your mobile and computers, you will receive a detailed report on how much time you spent on a website or an application. You can set alarms on the app to notify you when you exceed the time limit to contain excessive social media use. That way, you can effectively manage your time and prioritize your work accordingly.

Customer Relationship Management App: Spendgo

With a limited budget, it can be challenging to manage relations with customers. With Spendgo, you can achieve a more significant result for a minimum cost. It is a customer relationship management app. Businesses use this app to push promotions and develop a point-based reward system. The app also notifies customers via email and message of any new promotional deal. By paying more, you can opt for its premium services as well.

Project Management App: Trello

You have to manage your projects to achieve better results properly. Suppose you have a decent size of employees and your business deals in a complicated process. In that case, it is best to have Trello. Trello helps you to create, assign, update, and track different tasks. Helps you in pointing out both unproductive and active employees. The app can merge with other apps, like Slack and Evernote.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has made companies realize their strengths and weaknesses. With the global economy coming to a complete halt, it is quite difficult for organizations to see a way forward. Luckily, there are tools and smart apps to help businesses survive and grow in this challenging time.