Business Benefits of iMind video conferencing platform

Any business is based on communication. You need to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers constantly to keep organization, customer service, team management, and other issues at a high level. With current technological development, there’s no problem organizing the distant interaction between all the parties. The main tool for this is video conferencing. But various solutions have different levels of correspondence to the business requirements. So why does iMind correspond the most?

Why is iMind perfect for business?

The iMind platform is to solve the work tasks of various levels. You can easily use it for personal needs, but division on the subscription plans suggests the idea of companies of diverse sizes to use this tool. 

To make it more visible, let’s describe the plan variations:

  • Usage for no charge – it’s convenient for personal needs and professional activities for people who work separately or do not need video conferencing so often. It allows unlimited use of rooms you create (up to 10 rooms for an account), recording without limits, and inviting no more than 100 attendees. You can schedule appointments, determine the volume of invitees, and use the default advantages like noise suppression or simultaneous screen display. 
  • Pro subscription – this plan opens more opportunities for professional use: online chat is available, concurrent conference recording, unlimited room creating, etc. It is claimed to be ideal for small teams.
  • Business plan – except for extending the limits (more participants to invite, more people can use video, etc.), the option provides better customer support and adds a live streaming function. 
  • Enterprise mode – it is the richest option for large companies to hold their remote activities. 

Of course, the description is not exhaustive, but it gives a clear picture of what a considerable scope you have at each level.

How to understand which plan you need?

To choose the right option for your case, consider the peculiarities of each subscription. You can learn it by visiting the pricing page on or contacting the sales dep. If your situation is specific and it’s complicated to select the best option promptly, the representatives will help you with this issue. 

What are the reviews?

The platform has been presented on the market for a pretty long now, so users can observe its development. The reviews in 2022 say that the platform is comfortable and easy to use. To be more specific, the users appreciate:

  • features free of charge – inviting up to a hundred people, screen sharing concurrently, conference scheduling, etc.;
  • the simplicity of usage – creating a room means entering its name, after which you get the link that you can share;
  • security benefits – encryption saves your data from coming to the hands of third parties;
  • connection, video, and audio quality.

At the same time, people appreciated the features’ relevance to their professional tasks. 

Video conferencing is widespread now, but making it simple – is another point. The iMind team reached successfully a decent simplicity level to provide reliability and comfort. But try it yourself to see the benefits!