How Facebook Marketing Changed in 2021

Facebook has grown significantly in the last few years. It is not just a site to interact and network with family and friends, but it is also used to attract customers and increase sales. This trend can be seen in every part of the world, and Thailand is not an exception to this. As a result, many businesses are looking for the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Thailand to partner and grow their business. However, Facebook ad marketing has changed significantly in recent years, and the methods you followed before won’t work in 2021. Hence, let us look at the top trends digital marketing agency Thailand uses and see significant success in 2021. 

Facebook Live is attracting people

Facebook live is still an effective way to connect with users and create brand awareness. Since the world is living under the threat of Covid, many brands are using Facebook Live, and the audience is watching them and sharing their views or clarifying their doubts in the comment sections. It is creating more engagement and helping the business. 

Usage of AR ecosystem

The Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are growing immensely. Facebook’s Spark Studio is becoming popular with each passing day. The stats show that content created with Spark Studio is creating more engagement. 

Facebook videos are trending

Without a doubt, video is one of the favorite and effective ways to attract customers. Many people with Facebook ads agency account create videos to create engagement among Facebook users. And it is no surprise that most brands create video content or partner with popular content creators and create awareness. 

Private and interest-driven groups are increasing

It is not new for people to get connected based on common interests. Many strangers discuss and engage in private groups, and on Facebook, there are over 10 million such groups that exist. So, brands can join the groups and create engagement and attract towards their products.   

Ads format is the key

The success of a Facebook campaign depends on consumer behavior and brand strategies. The business has to focus on news feeds and the format they are using for ads. In comparison to video feeds, the news feed had more clicks in 2020.   

Chatbots helps immensely

Consumers are looking to get the job done easily and without waiting much. They not only expect the goods and services to be delivered quickly but also need immediate solutions. This is where chatbot support becomes crucial. It assists consumers quickly and effectively. 

The popularity of UGC is increasing

In 2021, the User Generated Content is more popular and effective. The studies and production center had to shut down due to the pandemic, and thus UGC is getting more demand. And this trend is expected to continue this year as well. 

Hashtag usage increases the reach

The usage of hashtags started by Twitter, but Facebook uses this option and enhances this feature. This feature helps to increase the reach of content. People are searching by inputting hashtags to find the things they are interested in easily. Hence, the top Facebook Ads Marketing Agency in Thailand also using hashtags in content to reach maximum people.