How To Play PC Games On Linux [Everything You Need to Know]

If you’re a fan of Linux, you’ll love the freedom that it offers. Unfortunately, the operating system still has some glitches, such as making life harder than it needs to be regarding gaming.

This is problematic because you want to access the titles on your favorite OS, yet struggle with availability. Instead of admitting defeat, though, you can take the necessary steps to ensure the user experience isn’t diminished. With that in mind, this is what you should do if the latest releases aren’t available on Linux.  

Use Website Platforms  

Although new designs, such as mobile applications, are challenging the supremacy of websites, the reality is that they still hold a special place in gamers’ hearts. This is especially true if you are a fan of Linux since the operating system makes up more than two-thirds of all OS for websites.  

Even if the platform itself isn’t Linux-compatible, you can bypass the red tape by downloading a browser that supports the system, including Google Chrome and Firefox. All you have to do is use one of these providers and a range of website games will be accessible via the device of your choice. Even better, there’s an entire subset of the industry that dominates this niche – online casino games. Bingo is a prime example as you can play everything from the classic version to bingo slots and scratch cards to heighten the experience, as long as you choose a bingo game wisely. Slot machines and table games, meanwhile, make up a significant chunk of the industry’s billion-dollar valuation and are all available via internet browsers.

Some companies go one step further and combine the two genres to create libraries that rival console giants. Either way, as a Linux user, the flexibility you need from an operating system is often found on websites.

Try Windows Emulation Software  

With so many offerings to pick from, it’s easy to see why you might want to branch out and sample new games that you haven’t played before. Of course, if your Linux operating system restricts you, then the latest casino or console releases could be out of your reach. Thankfully, there’s a solution – Windows emulation software.  

The technology was designed to bridge the gap between Microsoft and Apple as the latter is notoriously rigid. Therefore, running an emulator program on a PC transforms it into a Mac. An interesting side-effect is that an emulator lets you run software from a different device on your computer, making it ideal for Linux users too.  

Thanks to emulation software, you can open up the gaming lanes that are closed off to you due to your choice of the operating system.  

Leverage Online Stores  

Like casino gaming, console gaming is now using the internet to its advantage. By following the lead set by casinos, the likes of Sony and Microsoft are raising brand awareness and appealing to customers who were once outside of their target demographics.  

What’s brilliant about this move is that it also opens up new avenues for Linux users since digital stores are among some of the few non-casino platforms to cater to a wide range of consumers. Steam, for instance, has 4,800 Linux games compared to 24,000 on Windows. However, this accounts for around one-fifth of the overall library, which is impressive when you consider Linux wasn’t a thing ten years ago. 

Today, its popularity throughout the industry is expanding and reaching a stage where most new releases are available for Linux users. 

What should you do if your favorite games are blocked? You shouldn’t panic and invest in a new operating system. Instead, simply leverage online stores and websites, or opt for a Windows emulation program to increase accessibility.