How To Play Wii Games On Linux [Important Read]

Are you looking for the best ROM sites to play on your Linux device and you have a challenge in selecting the best one? Well, below are the 8 best ROM sites 2021 for your reference. This article will help you to easily find out the best ROM sites. ROM files are very key while playing the games on emulators.

However, you should know the features and elements before choosing. Looking to discover the best ROM sites, take a look at the below top 8 websites that provide Wii ROMs and emulators to download and directly install to the game console to begin playing. You can save each ROM without spending a dime in the market. If you have a challenge tracking your ROM, use VPN to make it easier and safer for your device.

Free ROMs Download

         Popular Games

On this website, you will select games according to your preferences. However, on this website, you can discover a wide variety of free ROMs. Download Wii ROMs and play them on your computer or mobile device and now matter which OS you use. Here is a broad list of the most famous ROM games; Super Mario World, Pokémon Emerald, Donkey Kong Country, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, Kirby, Pokémon Jupiter, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon Fire Red Version. All these historical games are still available and you can dive into the adventure of Mario or Pokémon right now!

ROM Hustler

Even though the user interface of the site looks old, the overabundance of ROMs and minimum ad setting makes it a better option out there. This website is particularly prevalent because it offers a wide library of ROMs; however, you can still get Emulators.

The website has a simple download process and all you are required to do is to use the search button with a drop-down menu. This website encourages safe and virus-free downloads hence they check every file they upload to the server. Because the website creates a lot of traffic, the recommendations based on user ratings and votes work quite well.

Download ROMs

The most prevalent Nintendo Wii ROMs games are accessible on the download ROMs website. This platform enables consumers to download their preferred Wii ROMs games in a few seconds. It allows the user to download Wii U ROMs without any hitches. The 2 selection keys “Popular” and “Alphabetical” are available for the consumer. If you click on the “popular” key, then the page shows the most prevalent games accessible on the website, or if you click the “alphabetical” key, then the sheet displays the games in alphabetical order.


The website is famous for the ROMS downloads and gives the Saga and Nintendo games. Consumers can download multiplayer as well as party games from this site. The Romulation website offers a number of games such as Pokémon Battle Revolution, Mario Cat Wii, Winter Sports 3, Ashes Cricket 2009 and much more.

The website has several sorting options making it the favorite to download the ROMs. The platform is broad and provides several games for free download. The most amazing part is that the website allows the users to check the number of download sites of each Wii ROM accessible on the platform that can be helpful when downloading games from the website.

The Eye

The title “The Eye” is just a space from where you can get numerous downloaded items. The website is essentially an open directory data file driven by the community. The notion behind The Eye is to reserve any information ranging from sites, books to notions. The ROM segment of The Eye seems to have several downloadable contents beautifully classified. Since the service is community-driven, the whole website is ad and pop-up-free.

It also has high-speed direct download links. The web does not have viruses and malware. Clicking on them will take you to all the downloadable games. As earlier mentioned, this website has more than just ROMs hence it is a solid site to navigate every now and then. The website enables you to get everything without any ads and pop-ups.


If you are still struggling to find your favorite ROM sites, then here is another idea for you. ROMNation is a well-known name when it comes to downloading older games on your computer. This website majorly deals with consoles like Gameboy, Atari2600, GameBoyColor, and Colecovision. This website does not contain ads however it will have a few popups when you attempt downloading a game.

It has a high download speed and it was able to get high bandwidth, but it will also depend on your internet connection. The website’s homepage showcases the most prevalent ROMs. Its recommended titles are Metal Slug 3, The King of Fighters 2002, Ne0-Geo among others. you can similarly use the user ratings to choose the game to play for a given period. The webpage works perfectly well on mobile and it even allows you to create an account to get tailored recommendations.

NES Files 

As suggested by the name, this site has ROMs for the NES console. The site claims to contain over 350 NES games hence offering you a range of varieties to select from. You can similarly get NES guides and commands in PDF format which will come in handy whenever you have a challenge in the process.

Besides games, NES files have game music, consumer evaluations, and ratings, NES cartridges, NES emulators among others. This website also offers you codes and cheats for a particular title if you are looking to adjust your gaming experience. If you do not prefer NES consoles, NES files should be a preferred place for everything related to it. Also, this site has really cool retro design.

ROMs Download

The internet is teeming with ROMs offers from a massive number of abandonware sites. However, not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. To safeguard your computer from any viruses and save yourself a good deal of problems, visit the ROMs Download website and download as many free ROMs as you want. The huge collection of cool ROMs provided by this website are safe to use. The games available on this website are NES, SNES, GBA, GBC, PS1, PS2, PSP, GameCube and Wii. Also here you can find many Linux Emulators, not just Dolphin. All you have to do is pick your preferred game consoles.