Reverse Phone Lookup & 6 Top Ways To Track It

Tracking a UAE phone number is a challenging task. It is because people use both virtual and landline phone numbers. While landline phone numbers can be tracked, virtual phone numbers are still a challenge. That is why we did some experiments to find the best tools to track any UAE phone number easily.

After our research, we found 6 tools to help you out. All these tools are equipped with the best features to track the detail of any phone number.

Before we cover these tools, let us share a few things about the service that helps you do it.

Reverse Phone Lookup- How it Works?

Reverse phone lookup is a tool to find information on any phone number. The tool tracks all the web pages with the required information to find the link between the phone number and the person using it. After going through billions of pages, it generates a report where you can find the information you want.

A lot of people prefer this service over other applications because it does not require any information to work. You don’t need to create an account that will ultimately protect your privacy in the process. Another great thing is you won’t need to pay a subscription fee for most of the platforms offering this tool.

Today, hundreds of platforms are offering reverse phone lookup services. Unfortunately, only a few of them are worth trying. Hence, here’s our list of the top 6 phone lookup services (or platforms).


Through CocoFinder, one can easily use the most reliable phone lookup services. It is a search engine for public information and works similarly. You can simply choose what type of public information you want, and use the exclusive tool for the job.

In this case, you can use its phone lookup service to get the information you want. It will let you enter the phone number that you wish to uncover. After that, it will generate a report with the information you need.

We recommend CocoFinder due to the excellent customer service and other tools of this platform. Also, the security offered by this platform is exceptional. You won’t need to register to access any premium feature. 

To search for the United Arab Emirates phone number specifically, you can go to that page by searching it on its homepage. It will hide all the irrelevant options and you will get information easily.


NumLooker is our go-to application for tracking the details of any UAE phone number. The platform has a phone lookup service where you can find the details of any unknown caller. The platform is quite advanced and shows you the name, gender, age, photo, and social media accounts of the phone number owner. 

The tool is free to use and does not ask for any registration to work. It is an advantage over other applications as sharing your name with the online service always has some privacy issues.

Another reason to go for this application is its unique user interface, making it much easier to use. Any beginner with no idea of reverse phone lookup tools can easily find information with this one.


When it comes to finding some unique information, TruthFinder is our most preferred choice. It can perform an in-depth search to find any landline or virtual phone number online. The platform is well-known for its background check services and is considered the most trusted app to do this research.

However, the phone lookup service is equally reliable and delivers excellent results. Like other applications, all you need to do is enter a United Arab Emirates phone number and hit the search button. It will start looking for the information related to that phone number.

In some cases, it can even show you the social media accounts associated with that phone number. Thus, we recommend you must try this application while performing a public information search online.

4.Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another top-rated platform to use reverse phone lookup service. The website is more than a decade old and is used by millions of online users. The best thing is their toll-free customer support that assists you with your queries 24/7. 

You would be surprised to know how easily you can find public details with Instant Checkmate. Simply access the tool, enter your query, and enjoy the organized report with all the information.

If you think that the information is not enough and you need something more than that name, use the background check tool and enter the name shown by the phone lookup tool.


Intelius is one of the best platforms to find public information. Even platforms like NumLooker redirect their users to this platform when they need to perform an in-depth search. However, the only problem is that you need to register or log in on this platform to use its services.

Additionally, there is a queue system where you need to wait for your turn to perform your query. However, the premium members enjoy immediate search queries and get their answers within a few seconds. 

Due to the little inconvenience with the registration process, we placed it as the 5th best solution for you.


As the name suggests, it helps you find the secret caller with a single search. Although the user interface is not much appealing, you can still find all the details you want. The platform is well-equipped to search for public information of virtual numbers as well.

That is why we recommend you try SpyDialer, in case other platforms fail to deliver the required information. Additionally, the platform is free to use and you won’t need to spend any money to use it. 

Final Words

Choosing the right platform to find details of a phone number is the most important task. That is why we covered the top 6 platforms to find details of any number registered in the United Arab Emirates. These platforms will find details of any virtual or landline phone number within a few seconds.

Also, you won’t need to worry about the registration as they work directly.