How to Use Twitter for Beginners [Easy & Useful Tips]

In the world of social media, we have the big fish and the little fish. Among the big fish, we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and very recently, TikTok. Most famously known for its text format, Twitter boasts 340 million users with over 500 million tweets sent per day. It has become so popular that even the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, was an active user. Imagine that!

Twitter can be a great source of information ranging from health, political, social, and entertainment. Additionally, there are many things that can be Tweeted that can make the day of others which is what makes social media special.

Businesses can now even take advantage of growth services, which have gained a lot of popularity, and can be seen through these Twesocial reviews. As a newbie, it may seem like rocket science learning how to use all the different features and finding your way through the multitudes of information. It does not have to be this way if you follow some of these tips. 

Keep it Consistent 

Social media is all about consistent content. You cannot post one day and ignore another and especially for a platform like Twitter, new information is always being tweeted which means information becomes outdated or invisible in a very short time.

It is better, therefore, to post relevant content that is eye-catching and interesting to users. This provides an opportunity for users to get engaged and notice your page but additionally, if you post consistently, the Twitter algorithm will work to your favor.

So the more you post, the better. The quality of your images and content should also remain the same through your tweets for example if there was humor, it should remain most of the time. While you may not get it right all the time, you should attempt to so that users associate great content with your brand.

Actively Engage 

People register on social media to engage like-minded people and sometimes, learn from different-minded people. Without that engagement, social media loses its purpose. Twitter pages are better off engaging users either through commenting on content that is interesting to them or starting conversations through polls and interesting questions.

Posting images along with interesting text will draw people to your page and potentially, create engagement. This adds life to a page and helps people to relate with a page. Using Twitter, you can either engage by going to the customer or drawing them to you or a mix of both to get the most out of the platform. 

Hashtags are there for a reason 

When you use a GPS, it becomes easier to find your destination but without it, you may find yourself in a rut. Similarly, Twitter has all sorts of users that have different interests which may not necessarily be what you are looking for. Hashtags will lead you closer to the kind of users you seek because they bundle similar content together and bring users with similar interests to the conversation.

It’s like a moth to the light. With hashtags, you can learn what content works for the type of users you seek which you can retweet or recreate or create your own similar content. With hashtags, you can also participate in comments on topics of interest with users that have similar interests. 

Identify your audience 

Without a plan, you plan to fail. It is important to remember to target a specific customer base. Once you narrow down their interests, it is easy to know where to look on Twitter to find them. Some of the customer types include people into self-improvement, health, reading, and travel.

Once you narrow them down, it is easier to develop content that appeals to them which creates opportunities to have conversations around your brand. Identifying your audience prevents you from wasting time on irrelevant content created to cater to everyone and increases the time and resources you use for the customers that are worth your bang for the buck.


Twitter is a popular social media platform that can add plenty of value to a brand if you understand it, and can be a great platform to gain more followers. It is important to understand that posting consistently, identifying your audience and hashtags will make your presence more impactful. This means you will be more efficient in your content which will bring in the kind of followers that can become valuable to your brand.