Linux amongst the preferred operating systems for playing igames

When it comes to playing games at an online casino, one of the most important factors that must be considered is whether your desktop/laptop computer is compatible with the games offered by the website or not.

While some online casinos are meant to work only with specific operating systems like Mac or Windows, there are others that offer adaptability across different platforms, through a centralized software. Nevertheless, if we talk about the optimum online casino gaming experience, there are specific advantages offered by each operating system. Let’s look at the popular operating systems preferred for playing online casino games. From the latest table games to progressive slots using the latest technology, with no doubt the choice of a good operating system will add value to ones gaming experience with JackpotCity Casino. 


The biggest benefit of Windows platform in case of online casino games is that one can access almost all the casino websites on the Internet. In fact, 99% of the casinos on the Internet today support Windows. It also means that if there are any casino games that need to be downloaded and installed on the computer, it can be done easily with only a few mouse clicks. Having the latest version of Windows operating system on your computer can give you instant access to a comprehensive variety of online casino games, not to forget cutting-edge audio, gameplay and graphics, as well as access to some of the most promising progressive jackpot slot games. Other than that, one can also be assured of comprehensive security while performing monetary transactions on the Internet.


Considered one of the most popular operating systems for both laptops and desktops, Mac is the biggest rival of Windows when it comes to the race for most widely used OS in the world today. It has a constantly growing user base that prefers Mac devices over anything else. The discussion about which one is better between Mac and Windows is always debated hotly at online forums. In the end, it all boils down to one’s personal preference.

Ubuntu, Linux and other operating systems

It was during the 1990s that Linus Torvalds created the kernel for a different and new operating system called Linux which was based on UNIX. It was comparatively more accessible and was meant to be modern and executable on PC architecture. Linux makes the most of UNIX’s multi-user feature for more productive handling of the devices compared to the age old DOS operating system. In fact, Windows too acquired some of the basic concepts of UNIX and Linux during its evolution, however continued to apply various DOS-style commands.

A lot of special initiatives were taken by the online casino platforms to support players keen on enjoying their favourite casino games in a Linux environment. The biggest benefit of playing online casino games on a Linux platform is the extreme user-friendliness of the software in comparison to any other operating system. In addition, Linux is far more secure compared to Windows or Mac.

Ubuntu is another open source operating system which offers a great deal of security than other popular OS like Mac and Windows. Just like Linux, the casino games compatible with Ubuntu are also very user-friendly.