5 Money Transfer Apps for Your Phone

It’s possible to do more things than ever right from your smartphone. This includes a variety of activities involving your finances. If you have to transfer money to associates, friends or family members locally or even overseas, there are plenty of options available to you. These are the five best money transfer apps on the market.


Western Union


Western Union is probably the oldest and most trusted service and money transfer app you can find. If you regularly transfer funds to someone else, it’s a convenient tool that is completely secure and fast. It also allows you to transfer money from a variety of sources, including your bank account, debit card or even Apple Pay if you use an iPhone. Simply press a few buttons and get the funds straight over to your recipient right from the app. You can easily keep track of your transfer to see when it reaches your recipient as well.


Cash App


Cash App is available through Square, making it one of the best secure apps for transferring money. You can easily send money and a person can conveniently receive it through phone numbers, QR codes or even a cashtag. It is available in the United States and United Kingdom and carries a small fee if you’re sending funds for business. However, if you’re sending money for personal use, there’s no fee. Cash App offers great security and provides you with alerts as well.




When it comes to finance apps, everyone has heard of PayPal. It’s an excellent option for transferring money to someone who needs it. Transfers are easy and secure and can be made from your PayPal account, linked bank account or debit or credit card. If you make a transfer via a card, there’s a low fee. PayPal is also a good service for business finance transactions as well. It is safe and secure and easy to use.




Venmo is a popular finance app that is quickly gaining popularity, especially with younger people. It’s owned by PayPal but strictly focuses on money transfers to friends and family members. Venmo is currently only available in the United States but is a fast and easy solution for transferring money to someone in need. Sticking with the theme of catering toward younger people, you can even add personalized stickers, emojis and notes to your transfers.




Zelle is a great app to use when you need to transfer money due to it allowing you to do so directly from banks. It has a partnership with a variety of big banks, which means it’s convenient and easy to simply send money to a recipient on the same day. The app is only available in the United States but is highly convenient if you have someone close who needs fast cash. Money transfers can occur in as little as only five minutes and the service is completely free.


If you are looking for the top apps for transferring money to someone in need, you don’t have to look any further than these tools. You can try a few to see which one works best for you.