Modern Technological Advancements in University of Phoenix

The modern working world is constantly changing. From technological advancements to surges in new industries, economic demands are in flux. To stay ahead of the game and remain employable, American professionals have to upskill continuously. Keeping up with job market demands is no easy feat. Fortunately enough, there are plenty of viable options for forward-thinking workers when it comes to self-development.

Over 40 percent of American workers do not currently see a clear path for advancing their career, according to the first annual Career Optimism Index™ study by the University of Phoenix Career Institute. In simple terms, many professionals are unsure of how to move forward in their work despite desiring progression. These workers need a wealth of support and guidance when it comes to approaching this modern challenge.

To combat the issue, University of Phoenix has introduced a new program type. Aimed at helping busy adult workers, new Professional Development Courses will equip professionals with the skill sets they need to excel in the workplace. University instructors have designed each course to open up pathways within the modern job market. Those undertaking the courses will learn competencies applying to in-demand fields.

“To keep up with the pace of change in today’s job market, you need to update your toolbox with skills that can help you grow and gain a competitive edge,” said Ruth Veloria, chief strategy and customer officer of University of Phoenix. “The University’s professional development courses offer long-term value by teaching skills needed for today’s changing job landscape. These affordable courses are comprised of several self-paced, bite-sized learning modules that cover material that directly apply to today’s growing professions.”

Self-Directed Learning 

All of the Professional Development Courses adopt a self-led, self-directed learning method. Adult learners can enroll in a course and start whenever they wish. Rather than splitting up learning by semesters, all course materials and resources are available online and accessible at any time. Students can log on and start taking courses and reviewing content at times that suit them. 

Additionally, there are no set schedules for the Professional Development Courses. This design allows students to learn at a pace and schedule that works for you, especially if you are juggling family or job obligations. For example, should you find that your work life becomes hectic for a couple of weeks, you can take a break and return to your studies once things have calmed down. This level of supreme flexibility means that completing the program is straightforward.

How the Courses Work for Busy Adults 

Before enrolling in one of these programs, it’s worth gaining an understanding of how the system works. All of the Professional Development Courses are offered online and take around 30 hours to complete. You can choose to study whenever is convenient for you, depending on your personal and career-based needs. The courses test every skill that students learn along the way to ensure that they are fully grasping the subject matter. 

Each Professional Development Course boasts a variety of topical modules and structured assessments to track your progress. When using the learning platform, you can monitor your progress and stay current with course requirements. You can complete and retake assessments as many times as necessary, giving learners the opportunity to understand and apply a new skill before moving on to a new topic or subject. Once you have completed the course, you will gain a certificate you can use to help you progress professionally. 

The initial lineup of Professional Development Courses features high demand courses in fields such as non-clinical healthcare, information technology, virtual teaching and digital marketing. Moving forward, the University instructors plan on building an expansive course portfolio to help support modern working professionals. Should you be looking to upskill or learn something entirely new, it is certainly worth considering these new programs.

About University of Phoenix 

In 1976, Dr. John Sperling started University of Phoenix to provide adults with more options to achieve higher learning. This educator and entrepreneur understood the economy on a deeper level and quickly recognized that it favored those with the advanced training and skills achieved at a university. The University aimed to provide adults with the higher education that they needed throughout their professional lives. 

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the University offers higher education opportunities to help students foster their knowledge. Additionally, students learn skills to propel them toward their professional goals. University of Phoenix provides courses that help individuals boost their leadership skills while serving their communities. 

Boasting 45 years of experience, the University approaches the current needs of adult learners by offering flexible schedules, online learning, and a variety of professional courses. University of Phoenix serves a diverse student population with programs across the United States and online. Follow University of Phoenix Reviews on Trustpilot