The Best Software For PC Gaming

 There has always been a lot of conversation in the gaming community about which style of play is better: PC gamers, console gamers, and even mobile device gamers. There are around 3 billion gamers spread worldwide, and in that 3 billion, there is an estimated 1.75 billion (in 2020).

Although the growth of the PC gamer has been a slow one, it is still one of the top ways to play games.

Platforms like Epic Games and Steam have thousands of titles, both new and retro, that mean PC gamers have access to everything they want – and things they didn’t know they needed.

Although an avid gamer might have a console (or two), they will usually play some games on the PC.

While a console will come equipped with everything a gamer will need to play, a PC can be built to meet specifications, making it one of the most exciting and enjoyable types of gaming technology. Aside from the hardware, you can make software changes to help get your PC game ready.

What are the most popular PC games?

A few different types of PC games make the top ten list. Sports games, MOBA, Simulation Games, and Casino games make up the list – but of course, there are games for every taste.

Battle Royale, MMORPGs, and online board games also make the ranking.

One of the most diverse options is casino gaming. You are likely to find games such as slots, poker, roulette and blackjack as well as live gaming versions on any given casino website.

Of that bunch, slots are one of the most fun – bright colors, great music, high-quality graphics, and plenty of other fun themes. Various online casinos now offer slot games, due to the rise in popularity of this type of casino game.

So if you love slots, want to get the kill in an FPS, or can’t stand lag in a dungeon, here are a few things you’ll need to build a PC that is ready for anything.

Once you have all of the best hardware for the games you want to play, here are some of the software choices that can make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

If you are gaming on a Windows PC, a Game Mode option will naturally apply the best settings to play games. Most computers now have Game Mode enabled by default, but you can check:

  • Open settings with the COG button
  • Select GAMING in the category
  • See if the GAME MODE is toggled on or off – adjust as necessary.

If you aren’t playing games like Call of Duty, for example, and are instead enjoying games like slots or poker, then this is a simple way to boost the performance without the fuss.

Iolo system mechanics

Optimization is part of having your gaming PC running at high speed, with minimal glitches and interruptions to your gaming.  Keeping your windows PC cleaned up means there won’t be extra pressure put on the processor and RAM.

This is a user-friendly option if you don’t love setting up software but want to optimize your PC.  There is a free option and a paid option; the paid option gives plenty of bang for your buck.

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner does almost the same job as the Iolo system mechanics software, so it is a personal choice which one suits your budget and which one you prefer to use.

With this cleaner, it is very easy to click the wrong thing and clean your entire machine, so you could lose important files if you aren’t careful.

Powerful, yes, but it can be a painful learning curve if you don’t read all of the information carefully.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

If you are a gamer, you have probably already heard of Razer, and you might own a few of the peripherals like keyboards or mice. They have been leaders in gaming software and hardware for years.

When you are ensuring your PC is optimized, the Razer: Cortex Game Booster is a great option. It works with any computer, old or new. As you use your computer, Game Booster will automatically look for ways to improve the experience.

I.e., optimization that is hands-off for the user but ultimately gives the best settings for maximum gameplay.

While the free option is packed with valuable things, you will notice with a few options; you’ll navigate to the premium options and apps. The free option offers plenty, though, and is a low-effort way to improve your computer.


Any game you can think of, any time you can think of it. Steam is a one-stop shop for every PC game.

If you typically play on a console, you will be used to the console-style store that offers new releases, demos, tastes, notification lists, and more. Steam provides that – but on the PC.

You can access plenty of free-to-play games, get on the notification lists for new releases, and launch them from the app itself.

MSI Afterburner

With this handy piece of software, you can access your graphic card settings and tweak them to your liking. If your hardware has the ability to be overclocked, you can do that here.

MSI Afterburner increases the GPU’s clock frequency – The clock speed is the number of cycles your CPU will manage per second. This software also always fan control, so you can crank the fan to keep the PC parts cool.

It’s very easy to use, with just a few simple sliders and easy-to-read figures.

Once you have made the right upgrades to your hardware, you can make some intelligent software decisions that will allow you to have more control over the output of your PC.

Even those not confident with computer software have options like Razer Cortex: Game Booster.