Useful sources of information for World of Warcraft players

World of Warcraft is a cult MMO RPG, with a huge history and a regular update chain, which is worth keeping an eye on character development, current meta, current weapons and equipment.

A beginner who comes to the project without having the slightest idea about the structure of WoW will have a hard time and will need to familiarize himself with many sources of information and services in order to understand the game world, finally decide on the game class and talents and start his way to the top of the gaming top on his server .

Services and resources to help new and experienced World of Warcraft players

  • Skycoach
  • Blizzard Forums
  • MMO Champion


Skycoach is a service for gamers aimed at helping players master content, help with raids and gold mining, character leveling and PvP achievements.

How can help:

  • Passage of raids
  • Gold

Passage of raids

World of Warcraft basically consists of a large series of raids, where players get a unique experience of communication in large groups, fight with the strongest bosses to get unique trophies. Most weapons and equipment cannot be obtained in any other way.

To complete the raid, you need to join a group, or form your own and defeat the boss in his hideout to receive rewards. Newans is that the boss and his retinue do not want to die at all and use all possible skills, tricks and power-ups to destroy the group, and even one inexperienced player can cause the raid to fail.

How can Skycoach help?

The team with the player will include professional Skycoach players who know the structure of the selected raid and all the subtleties that are needed to guarantee victory, as well as have advanced equipment.

The group enters the raid zone and kills the player, since the death mechanic allows the character to be in the dungeon and not affect the progress of the passage. When the boss reaches minimum health, the character will be resurrected and deal a decisive blow, thereby gaining all the experience and reward.


Buying gold is the most common request regarding online games. There is never enough gold to buy the best equipment, weapons, power-ups, consumable potions, profession materials, and other necessary items.


How can Skycoach help?

Sale of gold in the required quantities with a guarantee of security and insurance of funds in case of disputable situations.

In order not to incur game sanctions on the part of the administration, Skycoach buys gold from verified players and holds it for several days to check for so-called purity.

It means that the gold that was farmed by bot programs, or was stolen from a hacked account during these days will manifest itself and will be seized by the administration. To prevent this incident from happening to the client, the gold before the sale goes through a mandatory retention period and only verified gold is transferred to the client.