Wondershare PDFelement, the ideal software to create, edit and convert PDF files

Do you need to work on one or more PDF files? For simplicity and effectiveness, Wondershare PDFelement is the best option. Years ago, anyone who ventured into creating or editing PDF files would have run into two alternatives.

The first was to turn to the products of the software house that invented this format. Those programs were aimed at expert technicians able to understand the complex workflows necessary to get hold of the files and they were certainly not for a common user, who had to decipher abstruse manuals or resort to some tutorial that, in any case, to make two changes, they didn’t dispel all doubts and perplexities.

The second was to turn to independent software house utilities, which often had limited functions, crashed and in any case did not have the flexibility that even an “occasional” user would expect. Then, finally, Wondershare’s PDFelement appeared, bringing a wave of innovation. 

Right from the opening of the program, you immediately notice how much attention has been given to user friendliness: the interface, in the upper part, is very reminiscent of the Ribbon used by Office, with which millions of users are familiar. Do you have difficulty understanding what a voice does? No problem, by pausing with the mouse over it, a brief explanation will appear that will dispel the doubts. 

Wondershare PDFelement interface 

The main screen offers these options: 

Edit PDF: Allows you to quickly edit documents in this format, including images, or even scans, without having to go back to the source file 

Create PDF: New files can be composed in various ways, inserting any type of text, images and scans 

Convert PDF: One of the most convenient functions. It allows you to transform any PDF into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, and vice versa, without losing any fonts or formatting. 

Batch Process: When you need to perform the same operations on multiple PDFs at a time 

Merge PDF: Multiple small PDF files with similar topics can be merged into one 

PDF Templates: Very useful when creating a PDF from scratch, it connects to the Wondershare site where you can download templates from which to draw inspiration 

Template Mall:

Now it’s time to work on a PDF document

Let’s try editing a PDF. Let’s open a file and click on Edit at the top.

Let’s add an image: We can click on Add image and take it from our archives or, more conveniently, drag it from the desktop directly onto the program’s work area. By clicking on the image, the classic handles for moving and resizing will appear. At the bottom right we note that other operations can also be performed, such as rotation and alignment. Should we remove a sentence from the text, change its font, add bold or italics? Just click on the upper left of the text and image editing tool (to the right of your hand) and we can do it. 

Convert PDF files to other formats: The Convert menu is also packed with options. In addition to being able to transform PDFs into Word, Excel or PPT format files, the conversion can also be performed in the classic epub file of ebook readers, or RTF, PDF / A (a variant of PDF that allows you to view and reproduce in the same way the file even with different programs and devices) or plain HTML (convenient for developers).

PDF files can also be transformed into images or simple text editable with other programs. Also interesting is the PDF optimization function, which allows you to reduce its size while retaining its original quality.

Create and edit forms: PDFelement also contains an interesting and complete section on creating and editing forms. You can upload existing forms (as in the image below, in which we fill in the fields of a deed of notoriety) and also add a digital signature, or create forms from scratch. To do this, click on File> New, give it a name and then click on Empty document. Click on the Forms tab, then on Form Field Recognition, you can click, for example, on the box (it’s a graphic button). 

Add a text box: Double-clicking on it gives you full control over the interactive box, typing text, changing font and size, and selecting the actions to be performed when the box is clicked. 

Form creation also includes the ability to add checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists. Forms can be protected with digital signatures and access passwords. 


Enter comments like on a book 

If you then want to make comments on the pages that make up the PDF, you can do it by clicking on the Annotation menu. Here you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal ranging from pencil (for freehand writing) to shapes such as ellipse, rectangle and cloud, from highlighting tools to inserting notes in the margin. In the Pro version of the program there is the OCR function (Optical Character Recognition).

It is an additional module (almost 400 Mb) to be downloaded at the first use with which you can transform (with results that depend very much on the quality of the original file) the documents to be scanned into images with searchable text or with text that can be modified. 


The pricing plan differs depending on whether the buyer is an individual, a team or a training organization. There are both quarterly and annual licenses, or even permanent licenses. You can choose the Standard or Pro version (in this case you will have several bonuses, including OCR) in the case of individual licenses, or between Pro and Business for Team licenses. 

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Wondershare PDFelement is a program for the complete management of PDF files that is aimed at everyone, not just professionals. The intuitive interface and ease of use make it truly an indispensable software, and the prices are highly competitive.

The program is available for Windows and MacOS. Users can also subscribe to the PDFelement group on Facebook and read some interesting tutorials that are published periodically on the YouTube channel. 

Wondershare PDFelement Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pdfelement 

Wondershare PDFelement YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIepOi8SKRgBHsLTNYniguw