Best Data Science Tools for Non-Programmers

Numerous up-to-date data science tools can be used by non-programmers these days. Sure, you may need to pay more time learning the ins and outs of every program. Still, this particular data science software can be used even without sophisticated programming skills. There is no doubt that programmers can use a wide variety of data … Read more

6 Tips Before You Start Learning Programming

So, it’s settled – programming is what you want to get into. Not Spanish, not accounting, not marketing. Maybe, you’d like it to be just a hobby for you for now. Maybe, you already dream of becoming a full-fledged developer down the road. Regardless, if you just google “learn to code,” you’ll probably get overwhelmed … Read more

Is iHome a Good Brand?

Although iHome was founded in 2005, there is more to the story than that. You see, iHome is a subsidiary of a parent company named SDI which was founded in 1958. SDI’s other is known as Sun Design. But for this read, we will focus on the iHome brand. The brand’s first rollout was the … Read more

 How to get metrics on DevOps

What is DevOps? DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that enhance an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high speeds. This means that products are developed and improved faster  than companies that use traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed allows businesses to better serve their customers … Read more

Useful Tips on How Start Learning Web Development


It should come as no surprise that web development is becoming incredibly popular among people of all ages and professions. Young people start learning about web development when they are kids, and older generations seek second jobs in web development. All of these are common practices these days. However, no one says that learning these … Read more

Betting on NCAA Basketball Using Tech System

When it comes to college basketball, today’s betting odds could shift significantly tomorrow. Much like the youth and exuberance of the players in these games, nothing stays the same for too long. College basketball has a certain purity to it that sets it apart from the NBA. Perhaps it’s due to the players’ youth. Or … Read more

Top 9 Special Day Gifts for a Woman 2022

If there is really a party where you have to avoid bad taste, it’s… Her Special Day of course! To avoid the “Special Day faux pas” that could ruin the mood with your lover, here is my most obvious advice: make a very, very personalized Special Day gift for women. It’s a Special Day gift … Read more

How to Prevent Online Fraud with an API

Fraud has become one of the most significant issues individuals and companies need to deal with daily. Preventing online fraud has become a priority for every company that wants to stay in business. Implementing fraud detection solutions can give them an upper hand in the fight against fraudsters.  Photo: Pixabay Unfortunately, a large number of … Read more

Best Filmmaking Software and Tools

Whether filmmaking is your hobby or your profession, you may be wondering how to become more productive and faster as you try to push the envelope in the business. Skills do matter, but it is always advised to work smarter rather than harder. While there is no way around hard work and the daily grind, … Read more

How does Obfuscation technology unblock Geo-Restricted platforms

For those who love streaming, the name geo-blocking is not new. But does it feel fair? One wants to view their favourite content, access is denied. This concept is commonly used by service providers who don’t have licensing rights to distribute their content in all countries for legal purposes. However, this doesn’t stop one from … Read more