Long-Term WFH – How To Leverage Tech To Empower Your Team

As the new strains of the virus continue to ravage the world in 2021, a large number of businesses have decided to embrace the work-from-home model for the long run. It makes sense, considering everyone is comfortable with remote work, and it will keep your team safe. Moreover, it will keep your business running without … Read more

How Facebook Marketing Changed in 2021

Facebook has grown significantly in the last few years. It is not just a site to interact and network with family and friends, but it is also used to attract customers and increase sales. This trend can be seen in every part of the world, and Thailand is not an exception to this. As a … Read more

The 10 Best Multiplayer Games on PC in 2021

In 2020, a lot of excellent games were released, which can please us in 2021. However, classic games constantly offer something new to users and release updates, thereby forcing them to come back. This list of the best multiplayer games in 2021 presents exactly the classic games that are unlikely to lose their popularity and … Read more

Are Single-Player Games Losing Popularity?

Nowadays, online gaming and esports are growing in demand. Network operators and developers have noticed the boom in PC gaming. Therefore, they create platforms and online offerings that improve gameplay and distribute games everywhere. Does it mean that single-played games lose their popularity? Let’s find the answer together. Are They Losing Popularity? It seems strange … Read more

Writing Scripts In Linux: Tips And Tricks

There are times when you run a script with no idea what you did, and output appears. That is not expertise but bad scripting at play.  This article will discuss some of the best tips and tricks that can save you a lot of frustration. Not only will you be able to wow your counterparts, … Read more

What is Quantum Cryptology And How It Works

Cyber threat issues are on the rise in the field of computing all around the globe. Your data is more vulnerable to access by unauthorized hands. There is more need for your data to be encrypted and kept safe from criminals’ access. A third party can hack your data easily if the device used does … Read more

How to Combat Issues That Affect Consumer Trust in Websites?

Consumer trust in websites is the most important factor in ensuring businesses remain successful. There are many factors that can affect consumer trust, with many of them being out of the control of most standard websites. But what are these issues and how do they erode trust for the consumer?   Auto Redirect Ads  One … Read more

Bitcoin Casinos Online: New Gaming Solution 

Digital currencies are penetrating deeper into all areas of human life. In recent years, Bitcoin online casinos have become widespread worldwide. Considering the fact that gambling is illegal in many countries, due to cryptocurrency, a person has the opportunity to play anonymously on the network receiving winnings on their accounts. Speaking about the United Kingdom, … Read more

Best Reasons Why Use Linux for Programming

The modern world becomes more and more automated. You can hardly name an industry that doesn’t use machines or technologies. No wonder, programming and web development are so trendy today. Many students decide to start mastering their programming skills in order to build a successful career or to find a well-paid job.  All the beginners … Read more