Linux Gaming and the NVIDIA GeForce GPU

Since September 1991, Linux has been one of many available operating systems. Over the past 30 years, there has been an ongoing debate regarding the superior platform out of Linux and Windows. Of course, the matter is somewhat subjective. However, people favor familiarity, and that’s evident from the fact that Windows had 32.43% of the operating system market share in March 2021, as per Stat Counter. By comparison, Linux boasted a figure of 0.86%. 

Although fewer users opt for Linux, the system enjoyed a 0.08% increase between March 2020 and March 2021. Windows, on the other hand, ended the 12-month period having suffered a 2.53% decrease. In the future, Linux could continue to bridge the gap, particularly with the NVIDIA GeForce GPU set to revolutionize game switching. So, let’s take a look at the future of mainstream gaming with the latest graphics card breakthrough, and consider what lessons can be learned from mobile bingo.

Ability to Match Mobile Bingo and Rival Windows’ Gaming Dominance? 

Within modern-day society, speed is of utmost importance to the majority of the gaming and betting community. The pursuit of user-friendly gaming systems is evident within the rise of mobile gaming, with many smartphones now offering smoother performance than Windows-powered desktops. Because of that, you can enjoy the latest titles, such as Nimian Legends and Tekken Mobile, as well as being able to play online bingo on your mobile. At Paddy Power, bettors can immerse themselves in numerous mobile-friendly lobbies, including Age of the Gods Bingo, Crystal Room, Thai Flower, and many more. Although not Linux-powered, this showcases that other platforms can compete with Windows. 

While more than 30% of the market prefers Windows to Linux, the more popular product is, in fact, slower. Software Testing Help states that the world’s fastest supercomputers operate with Linux instead of the Microsoft alternative. One of the main reasons for this is because Windows gets slower over time, while Linux retains its performance levels. 

Despite speed being on Linux’s side, it doesn’t mean that it will overtake Windows and become a go-to operating system. It’s no secret that the 30-year-old open-source platform is lagging behind its competitor, but there are no guarantees that will remain the case in the future. There’s an ongoing collective desire to make Linux a more appealing option for online bettors and traditional gamers, and that’s where the NVIDIA GeForce CPU comes into play. Furthermore, Chromebooks will also be integral to the system’s progression. According to Android Police, Chrome OS 69 enabled GPU acceleration, which made graphically demanding Linux apps usable on Chrome OS. With Virgil 3D, the system can tap into the hardware’s GPU to improve app performance.

Game Switching Just Got Easier 

According to The Wired Shopper, over 6,000 Steam games are playable on Linux, and this figure will continue to grow over the coming years. While it’s tricky to predict if the operating system will be the future of mainstream gaming and betting-centered markets, it’s unquestionably attempting to bridge the gap to Windows. PC Gamer reports that NVIDIA has recently loosened the virtualization between Enterprise and GeForce graphics cards. This effectively means that gamers will no longer have to choose between either Linux or Windows. 

As mentioned above, Linux is the faster system, and it’s clear to see why some desktop users would prefer the 30-year-old development. With NVIDIA’s new GPU passthrough support beta, those with compatible components will be able to run a virtual Windows desktop on selected graphics cards. This could revolutionize casino gaming, as some real-time markets at well-known operators aren’t available on Linux devices. On paper, this is a smart move for the operating system with 0.86% of the market share. Users can utilize the fast-paced development to ensure efficiency without having to compromise on playing their favorite games. 

Unsplash by Mateo Vrbnjak

There are, however, several factors to consider surrounding the latest NVIDIA breakthrough. To ensure fast game switching, users require two GPUs. While this may not be cost-effective for some gamers, it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction from an accessibility standpoint. There’s a long way to go before Linux establishes itself as a gaming rival to Windows, as well as Android and iOS, but its fast-paced advantages are worth exploring. 

The World is Your Oyster with Linux 

It’s no secret that Linux has its pros, and the number of available distributions makes it even more appealing. With Ubuntu GamePack or Fedora Games Spin, users can now meet their gaming needs without having to break the bank for a Windows-powered desktop. These are only a few of the options on the market, so why not take the time to find the one that’s right for you? Moreover, if you’ve got an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, you don’t have to worry about restricting your gaming or online casino choices.