Moving MBOX Mail to Outlook

You can manage your email in different apps, but it is not always easy to migrate from one to another. Outlook is among the most popular environments for obvious reasons: it is secure, efficient, and perfectly suited to office needs. This prompts users to make the switch; that is why conversion from MBOX is such a hot topic. 

While the format is one of the most common ones (used by over 20 programs!), it is incompatible with Outlook. The latter recognizes PST, which saves versatile data like tasks, calendars, mail, etc. Fortunately, the switch is quick with a reliable MBOX to Outlook converter — it only takes a few clicks.  Otherwise, you need to go through the drudgery of manual conversion. Just look at the sheer number of steps below!

How to Do It via Gmail

For this method to work, you need to use three mail clients — Thunderbird, Gmail, and Outlook. First, tweak your Gmail settings a bit:

  1. Access the settings using the gear icon. 
  2. Open the tab for forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Make sure IMAP is active. 
  4. Adjust your settings for IMAP.
  5. Save the changes. 

Now launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer. You will see a dialog box suggesting you set up your mail account. Fill in the necessary details and proceed further. Make sure IMAP is active and initiate manual configuration. Fill in the following details: 

  • for incoming correspondence with port 993(SSL), 143, or 580.
  • for outgoing correspondence with port 25(SSL), 465, or 2525.

Finalize by retesting. Now you are all set up, and a fresh account connected to your Gmail may be created. Once it is verified, you can group all the messages you want to convert in one place. 

The emails must be dragged and dropped into your Gmail inbox. Next, open Outlook and complete the final import stage. Here is how to get it done. 

  • Open the File menu. 
  • Add a new account. 
  • Select the manual configuration option. 
  • Select internet email and proceed further to fill in the necessary details.
  • Specify that you are adding an IMAP account. 
  • Use as a server for incoming mail and as your server for sent messages. 
  • Go to more settings. 
  • The mail you send and receive must go through SMTP. 
  • Specify 993 for incoming mail port. 
  • Specify SSC as the required type of encryption. 
  • Specify 587 for outgoing mail port.
  • Choose TLS encryption. 
  • OK and leave. 
  • Use the Test account option to check if the settings work. 
  • After clicking Next, you should see all of your MBOX data imported into Outlook. 

The manual procedure surely looks daunting. It is lengthy and quite risky, as some data may get lost along the way. At the moment, using a dedicated converter is the fastest and most accurate method. It is the only way to make sure your correspondence stays intact.