Protect File Sharing Links [Must Read]

What is File Sharing Links

With Share Link, you can stay in charge of your shared files. You may still revoke access to a shared document if the wrong recipient has access to it. Share the document’s password through a separate channel for an additional layer of security to minimize the chance of unintended recipients opening your files.

Without bulky email attachments, links provide a short, secure and easy way to share files and folders. Link sharing makes it easy for just about everyone to send files and directories. Connection recipients are unable to edit the original file (links are view-only) in any way. 

Why Protection is Critical

It is of utmost importance for the financial sector to maintain high standards of protection as they must protect the data of their customers. Document security threats may include: Data breaches, unstructured data, unsecured files, human negligence and unauthorized access to storage are some of the key concerns. All of these mean that customer records, customer databases, financial information or even current deals may be at risk.

A study of 329 organizations that had 86,000 laptops missing or stolen over a one-year period was carried out by the Ponemon Institute. Although it is definitely costly to physically replace a laptop, Ponemon clarified that the value of the missing hardware was just a small portion of the total cost. The value of intellectual property on these laptops and the fees associated with data breaches and regulatory notification provisions have become even more costly. $49,246 was the average cost of replacing the data on the laptop.

Following are some ways to protect file sharing links.

By Adding Passwords to Links

When applying a password to a shared connection, link recipients are forced to enter a password to gain access to the shared link. So, adding passwords to links will overlap the link and will become the first layer of security.

By Revoking Access 

Once the recipient received the file link can be removed. It will be automatically disabled when you delete a link. An error message is received by people who try to access a disabled connection. Once disconnected, there is no way for the connection to be re-enabled. You will have to build a new connection to share your file or folder again.

Set Expiry Date & Time

One stratum which can enhance security of a link is setting expiry date and time. People will either be able to use the connected link before it expires, or they will receive an error message after it has expired.

Adding Limit on Number of Downloads

By adding limit on number of downloads, security of the link can be enhanced. It will restrict people and business they can only download a linked file one time. 

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy on shared links can be enhanced through end-to-end encryption. Disabled links are encrypted in transit with SSL with enhanced privacy, which offers the highest degree of compatibility with web browser support while remaining encrypted and safe. Connections allowed with enhanced privacy are encrypted with SSL and with an end-to-end encryption layer in addition. This gives more anonymity, at the expense of decreased web browser functionality and support for file size.

Gladinet Triofox can be used by companies without using a VPN to easily allow safe remote access and secure file sharing to local file servers. Long-term copying or syncing to external storage services such as Office 365, Dropbox, or Box is also not needed. During a global pandemic, with more and more organizations practicing social distancing guidelines, there is increased interest in quicker ways to promote work from home without compromising data privacy, protection, or enforcement.

Triofox is a web server that accepts file requests over the HTTPS/SSL protocol from client agents. These requests are then translated into Active Directory, and NTFS permission-protected file server network sharing access. The file is sent back to the client agents via HTTPS/SSL when all permission checks have passed. This method is used by Triofox to combine the power of cloud file sharing with web browsing ease and the security of a local file server.

Gladinet is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren’t just leading the market, but they basically created a new market – none of the other products can do the things that you can do with CentreStack. It has complete support from the cloud for file locking. It may encrypt remote agent caches or remove access rights for remote agent access from a central management console.


Triofox helps you deal with your data ownership, data protection, and data privacy issues. By using your existing file servers as a data repository and your latest Active Directories as the identity service provider for the Dropbox-like enterprise file sharing solution, Triofox offers a way for you to retain power. Employees can use web browsers, smartphone applications, and PCs and Macs to access existing file shares after installing the Triofox server. The user experience on PCs is the familiar, locally mapped drive interface and the behavior of file locking. The method is smooth, so users usually need no downtime and limited preparation, if any.