How To Fix Steam Error Code 7? [4 Methods To Fix]

Steam Error Code 7

Are you getting Steam error code 7? This error code is happens when your steam client fails to load a webpage from Steam’s Server. Fixing Steam error code 7 can be as simple as relaunching the Steam client, or you could have to disable any third-party plug-ins that you may have installed. If you still … Read more

How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio [Mac & Chrome]

Have you been dealing with the ‘Discord Screen Share No Audio’ issue lately? Many gamers use the discord app to communicate with their teammates while playing online games. Discord has a Screen Share functionality, which enables you to share your screen with your friends. This feature is great to have and is super useful, but … Read more

Battlefront 2 Mouse Not Working [5 Simple Solutions]

Is your Battlefront 2 mouse not working? When playing Battlefield 2 the mouse cursor can suddenly go missing right in the middle of gameplay. When the mouse vanishes in Battlefront 2, it then becomes impossible for you to change any of the settings. Also, you cannot select characters on the game using the mouse. When … Read more

How To Fix Error Code Chicken Destiny 2?

Error Code Chicken Destiny 2

Are you seeing error code ‘Chicken’ in Destiny 2? The error code chicken is not too common, but it can prevent you from playing Destiny for days at a time. This error code usually occurs when there are severe server connection issues. When it happens, an affected player will not be able to access their … Read more

How To Fix Destiny 2 Connection Error Code?

Players that are disconnected from Destiny will receive a message which contains an error code at the bottom. The Error code Destiny 2 indicates a sort of disconnection and makes players lose connectivity with the game. Here, we will look at the solutions to get it resolved. Since its launch, Destiny 2, the sci-fi shooter … Read more