Ubuntu Server vs Desktop [Performance & Power Consumption]

Ubuntu Server vs Desktop

The Ubuntu operating system (OS) has been around for quite a while and is arguably one of the most reliable, flexible, and secure solutions available today. The software solution is available in three main variants, the Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, and Ubuntu Server options.  While all of them are great operating systems, each is specifically … Read more

Zorin OS vs. Linux Min – The Detailed Comparison

Zorin OS vs. Linux Min

Zorin OS and Linux Mint are some of the most popular Linux distributions (distros) in use today. Both solutions have Ubuntu at their core and have been designed for users changing from Windows or Mac to Linux. As such, both Linux-based operating systems (OS) have similar functionality.  Though built on the same core, each distro … Read more

Devising Business Growth Strategies – Blue Ocean or Red Ocean Strategy?

With the advent of digital media, starting a business is less complex and more enticing than ever. Young people out of business schools are leveraging digital technologies to launch their enterprises to their target audience with resounding success. However, the digital world is getting cluttered, with cutthroat competition in all spheres. So, for aspiring businesses … Read more

Solus Vs. Ubuntu | Everything You Need To Know

Solus Vs. Ubuntu

Ubuntu and Solus are some of the leading general-purpose Linux distributions (distro). Though designed to do more or less the same things, the two distros differ in design and functionality. Basically, the Ubuntu Linux distro is best suited for programming applications—most IDE vendors support Ubuntu.  The Solus distro, on the other hand, is suited for … Read more

Amazon Linux vs Ubuntu [Detailed Comparison]

Amazon Linux vs Ubuntu

Amazon Linux AMI is a Linux image that is supported and maintained by Amazon Web Services for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It aims to provide a safe, reliable, and high-performance execution environment for Amazon EC2 applications. It includes packages that make AWS integration simple and support the new EC2 instance type … Read more

Elementary OS vs. Linux Mint | Side-by-Side Comparison

Elementary OS vs. Linux Mint

There is no doubt that Linux has the longest list of operating systems to fulfill everyone’s requirements. However, as a novice, people often get confused about which one is best and provides convenient features for their device. To include a side-by-side comparison, the article looks at Elementary OS and Linux mint. You can select one … Read more

Elementary OS vs Ubuntu OS [Detailed Guide]

Elementary OS vs Ubuntu OS

One of the most widely used open-source operating system families is Linux. The pace at which Linux is rising in popularity is steadily increasing with each passing year. Linux’s rapid growth in recent years is most likely because it is not only strong but also extremely smooth and quick. Linux, unlike other operating systems such … Read more

Kali Linux Large vs Kali Linux Light [Detailed Guide]

Kali Linux Large vs Kali Linux Light

Kali Linux (some time ago BackTrack Linux) is a Debian-based open-source Linux dissemination intended for cutting edge entrance testing and security reviewing. Kali Linux includes a large number of resources for various information security activities, including penetration testing, security research, computer forensics, and reverse engineering. Kali Linux is a multi-platform solution that information security professionals … Read more

Best Linux Essentials For Cybersecurity

Linux Essentials For Cybersecurity

Although Linux is one of the most secure operating systems you can get, it’s not perfect. Knowing the Linux essentials for cybersecurity can be essential to running a secure Linux-based server or desktop computer. Linux Essentials For Cybersecurity covers a wide range of Linux security topics. In this book, you will learn about things like … Read more

Which Cooling System Is Best For Linux?

best cooling system for linux

The Linux operating system rules the world as it is one of the fastest operating systems out there. You will find this system everywhere whether it is your car, smartphone, a supercomputer, even in home appliances and home desktops to the enterprise servers. Just like other operating systems be they Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, … Read more