How To Solve PS4 Error Ws-37403-7 | Causes & Solutions

PS4 Error Ws-37403-7 will occur during a sony maintenance break or due to outdated software on your PlayStation. The other reason this may occur is wrong DNS configurations. In this detailed guide, we will go into what you should do about this error. What Causes the Error Code “WS-37403-7” on PS4? After receiving numerous reports … Read more

Why Does IP Camera Keeps Going Offline ?

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, including Wi-Fi security cameras, are designed to receive control data and share images through an IP network. As such, an offline IP camera could only point to a power or connection problem. After the camera has been started, it will remain offline until it connects through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.  … Read more

World Of Warcraft Unable To Start Up 3D Acceleration Error

World of Warcraft is probably the most popular MMORPG (Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) there is. With so many people playing this game, its no surprise that errors are somewhat common. If you are getting an error that states ‘World of Warcraft was unable to start 3D acceleration’, it can be super frustrating. Most … Read more

Nintendo Switch Game Console Card Error [Solved]

Are you getting this error message when you insert a microSD card into the Switch game console cartridge? It is a rather common issue in all Notch game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Family, and the Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.  If you are getting this error message, the console is unable to read … Read more

How Do You Fix DNS Server Isn’t Responding Error

Are you getting DNS Server Isn’t Responding message when you run the network troubleshooter on Windows 10? You may get the DNS server not responding error after a power outage, or just during normal usage.  If that happens, most Windows 10 users run the Windows Network Diagnostics tool to troubleshoot the issue. If the DNS … Read more

Aura Service Is Currently Unavailable Error [Solved]

After you install your case lighting, you may experience an issue with the aura service not being available, and the lights would not light up. The problem most likely is a hardware issue. In other words, this indicates the lights are not fastened onto the motherboard properly. However, in case it’s not a hardware issue, here … Read more

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel [Quick Fix]

The error code Weasel is certainly one among the foremost infamous error codes which my occur to users while playing Destiny and it always occurs due to a packet loss or a disconnection between the user’s home network and Bungie servers. Usual causes are ISP saturation or general internet congestion. The problem can also be … Read more

Why Can’t I Skip Ads On YouTube? [Fix It Now]

YouTube is a powerful media platform that drives billions of users to view content. YouTube has been around for quite a while now and has consistently grown thanks to advertising. We have all been interrupted in the middle or at the start of a video with an ad before. But we can’t skip them.   YouTube … Read more

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301 [4 Methods]

People pay to activate their Hulu account which can later be used on almost any device to watch their favorite TV shows and Movies. However, quite recently, tons of reports are coming in where users are unable to observe any Video and therefore the “Error Code 301” shows up when trying to stream the video. … Read more

How To Fix File System Check Exit Code is 8

The file system check exit code is 8 on macOS may be fixed by restarting Mac, running the First Aid tool, or booting Mac in Safe Mode to check the disks. In other cases, you may need to run the fsck command in Single-Client Mode to check your disks and clear the error message.  While Mac … Read more